DMS Weekly Opportunities

November 30, 2015

Welcome Back! Here is What is Ahead!

It was great to see everyone this morning looking refreshed and rested! I hope this past week was everything you needed it to be. As we look ahead to the month of December here are some things you can keep in mind.

This Week:

  • Faculty/ Student VB Game this Friday at 2:45
  • Faculty Christmas Party this Friday at Soto's (See Dee's email today and RSVP!)

Week Two:

  • We have declared December 7th-11th a "Meeting Free Week" for teachers! There will be no PLC meetings, no ARD, IST or 504 meetings. We promise not to take up any of your time during your conference period or before/after school! We know that time is something that is in short supply so we want you to try and protect it for you to get caught up and do the things you need to do that week!
  • We will be serving a very special Pancake Breakfast for all staff members on Tuesday the 8th before school in room 115. But, don't worry....we will be giving Dr. Parker some lessons beforehand to insure we do not have a repeat of "prison pancakes" this year!
  • Friday the 11th, the Counselor's will be hosting a Wassail Party in their conference room with the full intent to spoil you rotten!

Week Three:

  • Semester Exams start the 15th with Early Dismissal on the 17th and 18th.
  • Dec. 15th will be our Second Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! So break out those tacky holiday sweaters and let's see who can outdo Ms. Baker's pink, fuzzy sweater this year!
  • On Dec. 16th the Administrators will be cooking up some hot Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for lunch during all 3 lunch periods in room 115...cheesy awesomeness ahead!

Let's Kick Off December Tomorrow by Wearing Red/Green or Holiday Shirts and Jeans!