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Antwerp, Belgium is the largest Flemish-speaking city in Belgium and the capital of Antwerp province, Antwerp is also of Europe’s busiest seaports. Antwerp is known as a hub of the world’s diamond trade. Antwerps Climate is with cool winters and mild summers.


German bombs destroyed much of Antwerp during WWII. The port has been rebuilt with new locks, docks, railroad yards, an enlarged turning basin, and a new oil port. Railways, rivers, and canals connect Antwerp with other cities of the Low Countries, France, and Germany. Many import and export firms, banks, insurance companies, and road-transport businesses serve the harbor and industrial areas. Among the area’s industries are oil refining and petrochemicals, other chemicals, automobile and tractor assembly, food, and beverages. Diamonds are perhaps the industry for which Antwerp is best known. Rough stones from mines all over the world are brought to the city to be cut or sold.


When found or mined, diamonds look like many fragments of glass. Two or more gems are usually cut from a rough stone. Diamonds are first split along the grain of the stone. The pieces are then mounted in a lathe. The fast-turning gem is shaped roughly by a diamond tipped tool. The stone is then placed in solder in a holder, and a facet is ground on the surface by a spinning iron disk bearing a paste made of diamond dust and olive oil. The cutting of each facet requires changing the position of the stone in the holder. In order to grasp the larger diamonds, The holders are equipped with mechanical holding fingers.

the largest centers of the modern diamond industry's are Antwerp, Tel Aviv, India, and New York City.


People lived on the site of Antwerp in the time of the ancient Romans. Germanic settlers who came after the Roman era gave the town its present name.The name Antwerp means “hand throwing” and it refers to a giant who threw into the river the severed hands of boatmen who refused to pay a toll.

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