Swastika Symbol

By-Hailey Adams

What does the Swastika mean?

This symbol comes from the word "Sanskrit" , which means "well being or good fortune." The symbol has been around for over 3,000 years. People from India and Indonesia still have the symbol on their churches and houses. It's not all over the countries, but in little towns.

History of the Swastika

There was a fossil found a few months ago that turned out to be over 12,000 years ago, that had the symbol carved into it many of times. The symbol used to show a sign of good luck and love and now it is used as a symbol of death and hate. For the Buddhists and Hindus, the symbol is very religious and is used commonly.

This is not okay!

The story of this man is pretty upsetting. He completely adored his grandfather. Even though his grandfather was a Jew, he made all of his grandkids these different kinds of paintings that had the swastika symbol on them somewhere. One day, when the boy had came home from school, he found all of his grandfathers paint dumped over and not a paint board in sight. All of his paintings that he was letting dry for the kids had been taken. Luckily, this young man still had the sticker that his grandfather used to sketch out the swastika. Once he got older, he stuck the sticker onto the bumper of his car. One day when he was at work he felt like something wasnt right. So right after work he ran out to his car and saw that it had be flipped into the top, the symbol was missing, and the cops surrounded the man. He stayed in jail for 2 months all because of having a little sticker on his bumper.