Babysitter Needed

For 4 Year Old

About Child

The child you will/would be babysitting is 4 year old Summer Julian Knight. She's a kindhearted person. She mostly keeps to herself and doesn't bother others. She's kind and cares a lot for others. She needs a babysitter that can be a friend, a provider , and a great influence for her.

About Position / Qualities Needed

This position has a very flexible schedule. The hours aren't that long and the pay is great. You get paid $25 a hour and you usually work 4 hours each time you babysit. On special occasions you may have to work overtime. By overtime you'd have to work over 2 hours but after all the pay goes up!

Qualities Needed

The qualities needed for this job are simple. You have to be understanding. You have to care for her as she was you're own child. You have to be funny and you have to be "chill"

This Is Us

Were the parents of Summer Julian Knight. Im 33 years old and i work part time at my banking firm, My name's Janet Carrie Knight. Her dad's name is Christopher Bent Knight. He works as a lawyer for various firms.