Allison Castellano

rocking chair

This is a rocking chair from babies r us. You use it if your baby starts crying and you want to rock it to sleep. The chair cost 189.99
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Changing Table

The table is used to change a babies diaper. Then the diaper won't smell bad. It cost 119.99.
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The crib is for the baby so that it has a place to sleep. The price is 249.98
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This is to keep the clothes in. You can hang the clothes or put them in the drawers. It cost 199.99.
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This is to help the baby fall asleep. It distracts the baby and thee babies eyes follow it and it gets tired by doing that. It also gets tired by that by trying to reach for it when its to far up. The price is 49.99
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Extra long bed rails

Its so that the child doesn't roll off the bed. The price is 27.28

Baby Gate

the baby gate is so that is prevents the baby from going areas that are not safe and so they don't fall down the stairs. The cost is 49.62

Oulet covers

So the baby doesn't stick his fingers in the outlet and get shocked. The price is 2.88

Car Seat

The car seat is for if the parents get in a car wreck and so then the baby would strapped in and safe. The cost is 89.99

Cabinet locks

These are so babies don't get into the cabinets and shut there fingers or hands in between the door. the price is 3.95

Table edge gaurd

For the baby in case they are running around and they hit their head on the edge of the table you put this on the edge so its just a foam corner instead of wood or granite. The cost is 13.74

Safety harness

In public the parents can hold on to the leash that is attached to their kids harness and they won't lose their kid. The cost is 12.71

Child dooor knob covers

These are so the kids won't open doors and go in rooms they aren't supposed to. Price for the door knob cover is 4.95

High Chair

This straps the baby in while they eat. Its a chair that has a table for the babies food because normal chairs are to big and the baby would fall out. The price of this is 59.88

Baby Monitor

This is for if the baby starts crying when it is sleeping or if you want to keep an eye on your baby while it is sleeping. The cost for this is 89.97

1 month milestones

1. The baby might start make gurgling noises and other sounds.

2.The baby should start rolling over and lift up their head.

6 month milestones

1. The baby may begin to crawl.

2. Your baby can now eat stuff like baby food and solid like mushy foods.

1 year old milestones

1. The baby may feed itself

2. The baby could walk alone or crawl fast

2 year old milestons

1.The baby can kick a ball

2. It will begin to run

3 year old milestones

1. The child may want to do things by themselves.

2. The child will ask a lot of questions.

4 year old milestones

1.The 4 year old will really enjoy playmates.

2. Your child's speech should be almost always understandable.