Loggerhead Turtles

There endangered in North Carolina

Facts about why they are endangered and what is being done about it!

Loggerhead turtles in scientific speaking are called Coreta coreta and are found in the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of North Carolina. The loggerhead turtles are endangered in North Carolina because of major population along the coast. There is also a lot of oil in ocean from boats. The loggerhead turtles eat the pollution because they sometimes think it is a jellyfish. When they're exposed to boat oil it gets in their mouth and affects there internal organs. To help prevent the loggerhead turtles from becoming extinct marine biologist have apposed required laws that consist of different fish practices along the Atlantic ocean, Chesapeake Bay, and the Gulf of mexico. They have also issued areas that are restricted or closed for a certain amount of time due to loggerhead mating times.

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