by: Anna, Morgan Go., Morgan Gi. & Hajin

Come see the Pineywoods!

This part of Texas has a forest of pine trees! Some areas have swamps. Many animals like to live in these woods.

Woodpeckers live here. They peck holes into trees with their bills to make their nests.

About the cottonmouth

Cottonmouths, which are also called water moccasins, are snakes that like watery places along river and lake shorelines and swampy areas. They eat frogs, fish, other small animals, and even other cottonmouths! Cottonmouths are one of the few venomous snakes we have in Texas. Even baby cottonmouths are venomous when born! The inside of its mouth is white like cotton, giving this snake its name. They have scaly dark, grayish brown skin. Older cottonmouths may be entirely black.

About the woodpecker

Woodpeckers live in family groups. Pecking the entrance to their nest allows sticky tree sap or “resin” to ooze out and provide protection for the nest from snakes and other predators. Males use their beaks to make tapping sounds on wood and metal to attract mates. Woodpeckers eat insects, nuts, fruits, and berries.