A Golden Age for Greece

A period of prosperity

What and When was this?

Between the years 500 BC and 300 BC the civilization of Greece went through a very innovative period called the Golden Age. During this time Greece made advancements in technology, government, art, literature, science and more. Greece's Golden Age not only affected Greece during this time but it has left behind many aspects that affect the world today.

What excelled during the Golden Age?

  • Philosophy: Greece is the origin of some of the worlds greatest thinkers. People like Socrates, Plato, Aristole and Pericles reflected on life and it's aspects behind the very walls of Greece and Athens. Their wisdom caused much growth in ancient greek society and made the average greek mans mind prosper.
  • Mathematics: Even if the people of the Indus Valley created the beginning of the worlds most basic math with ideas such as zero and infinity, the people of Greece expanded it to new heights. Adding the concepts of negative numbers, complicated theorems and numerical graphs to the world of mathematics. Greeces mathematicians took numbers to the next level in a way no other civilaization had done before.
  • Government: Athenians had the first form of democracy, also known as a direct democracy. During this time women, children and slaves could not take part, but the males of the city gathered when necessary to openly discuss issues, cast votes and bring up new topics. This type of government was very advanced compared to the other government systems that existed in other parts of the world and it was an efficent form of organization that gave power to the people. Well, most of them.

The Wise Sayings of Plato

The Genius Works of Pythagoras

The Innovative Thoughts of Pericles


During Greeces Golden Age, cities grew as large as they possibly could considering the geography of the surrounding area. With this expansion came lots of new advancements in architecture and design. The Greeks weren't afraid to get creative and made marvelous buildings made grand with pillars, columns, intricate carvings, extravagant statues and designed with a beautiful look and strong foundation. Some of these buildings still exist today and their architecture is admired copied by many modern buildings.

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