The Dangers of a Great Sport

By Patrick McCowen

Football is the most dangerous sport ever! Don't play it, don’t let your children play it, don't let your children's children play it! Playing football is sort of like smoking. Except, instead of the lungs taking the hit, the brain is, Quite literally. A little bit of football doesn't hurt, but overtime, it starts to kill your brain. Little by little, tackle by tackle, hit by hit. Playing football is a dangerous, violent sport that can cause traumatic and permanent damage to the brain.
If these minor injuries, or even the threat of traumatic injury were the greatest threat in football I wouldn't think twice before I let my son play. Football can give you many, many injuries. Traumatic in juries are very but one father said "I played a year of football as a teenager, and that one season I had more nicks, cuts, bruises, and sprains then I had in a decade of playing basket ball and baseball"(Why I Don't Want My Son to Play Football). Although you do get injured in other sports, in football, it is a lot different. The same parent states that "the difference is that the traumatic injuries in these other sports occur as a result of terrible accidents. In football, the danger is that head trauma is a normal part of the game"(Why I Don't Want My Son to Play Football). And he is right, these injuries do occur in other sports but they are accidents. In football, everyone is tackling each other and destroying their brains little by little with each play on the field.