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welcome to New york city !

Welcome ! on this site we will talk about New York the capital of the world! one of the largest cities compare as the best of all worlds!
5 Things you should know before you visit New York

Mamma Lombardi's Restaurant

As you pass our scenic garden, the sounds of opera will draw you into our elegant dining room. Here you will feast on homemade, authentic Neapolitan recipes that the Lombardi family has carefully prepared for generations.

Professional, personal service, robust flavors, and generous portions set the standard for this family owned restaurant where "Reputation is Everything" Our five-time award winning wine list and the finest Southern Italian cuisine will turn any occasion into a special & memorable event.

Below the earth, in a place where time stands still, you will find the wine cellar at Mamma Lombardi's. Within this mystical room you are surrounded by hundreds of the finest wines from around the world, including the Lombardi Family's own homemade vintage.

Come and experience what everyone is talking about. At Mamma Lombardi's, you are treated like family. Our service is second to none.

Academy theater

the theater of Academi is the historic theater of New York . it is now evolving always was present . it even has it a museum
Alicia Keys - New York

Tartan day

Monday, April 6th 2015 at 9pm

New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

National Tartan Day is annually observed on April 6 to honor the major role that Scottish Americans played in the founding of the United States of America. tartan day is a real melting pot! All types of people are present to see a beautiful Scottish bands ! One way to pay tribute to the Scottish imigrant
NYC Tartan Day Parade 2014

The statue of liberty !

This statue was designed by a French sculptor "Gustave eiffel" and the french people sent it it to the usa 100th anniversary of the America 's independence .The statue is made of is green because when copper is in contact with the air it turns into green colour.The statue of the liberty is situated in Ellis island at the tip of New york.