6th Grade Technology

by:Jackson Kiefert

Typing Web

*The cite is a interesting cite that help's you learn to type.

*Typing web we used every time for a five minute warm up.

*I didn't love it but it helped me because I am not good at typing.


*The project of iTrailer is a small project that you do and can share with the class.

*We did this project 2nd it was not hard.

*I thought it was kind of easy because I did one on my family so i had them right there.

Haiku Deck

*This project was about making a project about your dream career.

*We did this project 3rd it was easy she gave us time in class.

*I thought this was good other than the sharing part i'm not very good at that stuff.

Explain Everything

*During this we solved a problem by using explain everything.

*We did this right before Christmas break.

*I was not here for this unit but people say it was fun.

Career Locker

*Career Locker this year is not as much fun and games it is more careers and school stuff.

*This unit we did around Halloween.

*I think this unit was okay not as much fun as other things.


*Coding is a unit that is more games and stuff like that but of course it is coding.

*This unit you do at the early part of the year.

*I like this more than most other units because it was kind of fun.

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