Marley Raab

Typing Web

  • Every morning that you have technology you will come in, wash your hands, and login to Typing Web and type for 5 minutes.
  • I have notices that my typing has improved over time.
  • You can go back and redo things if you make a mistake, if you mistype a word you can go back and retype it.
  • To get a 4 for the first quarter you will need to finish the intermediate cores before, or by the end of the quarter.

To get a 4 for the second quarter you will need to finish the advanced cores before, or by the end of the second quarter.


  • The highest grade you can get is a 3
  • Your graded on your Storyboard or planning, camera techniques, conventions, audience appeal
  • It is all up to you when it comes to what your topic is
  • Don't want to present? You don't have to!

Haiku Deck

  • For Haiku Deck you will have to use your knowledge from Career Locker
  • You will be creating a presentation on your outlook, educational path, and about your job
  • When your have finished your presentation you will be presenting it in front of the class

Explain Everything

  • On Explain Everything you will get to chose a math problem from a list and make it into a presentation
  • For your presentation you will need one photograph
  • You will need to record your self and explain how you got your answer
  • Don't use your finger as a writing tool
  • Watch the videos in schoology

Career Locker

  • Mrs.Vandenboogaart is helping out in the classroom for this
  • For this you will be choosing your collage and taking tests to see what profession best fits you
  • You get information on your dream job


  • is a self paced unit
  • To earn a 3 you have to finish stages 1 through 7
  • If you want to earn a 4 you have to finish stages 1 through 9
  • Very challenging but a fun way to learn code