Travel Baseball


The Omaha baseball tournament

College World Series

When I went to Omaha for my baseball tournament I went to the Collage World Series also. I went to one game and one of the practice sessions. When I went to the practice session it was after one of my games and most of my team was there too. We watched the TCU practice. When the practice was over we got signatures from Evan Scoug. Evan Scoug was the starting catcher for the Wildcats. When we were done I gave him one of my Omaha trading pins and we wished his team good luck.

The Tents

When I was in Omaha I also went to the Collage World Series tents. Some of the tents were things for baseball like bats and gloves. Other thing that were trying to get sold were hats and other clothing. The most fun part of the tents were the ones that were active like hitting with bats and throwing at targets.

The Hotel

Even just going to the hotel was fun. It was fun because it was like going on vacation with ten friends. When we weren't doing anything we would go swimming or go to the theater room. That was a lot of time because it was raining one day so our games were canceled and rain is weather science. The hotel was close to a lot of things so we could walk to places. Right across the street there was a big parking lot were we were playing after we were done eating.