Welcome to the 6th grade!

A couple tips to help you out!

Starting 6th grade

I know 6th grade is a step up from elementary, but trust me you will get use to it. Along the way through 6th grade you will learn many thing. Such as learning how to open lockers, which some of you might already know, but you will learn many thing. The 6th grade was an fun and exciting journey, and throughout this blog I will teach you some ways to help you through 6th grade.
Chromebook Care for Students

Chromebook care

Chrome books are used a lot during 6th grade. In fact we use them in almost any class you can think of available to you. So make sure you don't break yours, and don't drop it or you will have to pay quite a bit of money. Also make sure you keep everything nice and don't loose anything either or you will be fined money also. However if there is a technical problem with your computer you may not be fined if you take it to get it fixed, if it isn't broken by you cracking the screen or anything like that.

The strike system

The strike system is a way to get kids to be ready, responsible, and respectful. There are many ways to get strikes such as not being prepared, not working, and not being on task. However it is very easy to avoid strikes, and is as simple as just working hard and bring respectful and responsible.

Your 6th grade year

Throughout the year there is 4 quarters, 2 semesters, and 7 classes a day. After every semester you switch some classes and get other ones. Such as getting orchestra one semester and art the second semester. Although 6th grade can be stressful at some points, it just gets better and better as you get farther into your 6th grade year. Such as going to the 6th grade Olympics and many other things. I hope you all have a great 6th grade year just like i did, and learn many new things along the way to.