Attack On Pearl Harbor

What really happened?


In 2001 a movie called "Pearl Harbor" was made that was supposed to represent what had happen on that tragic day in 1941. But the movie did not show even half of the tragedy...

December 7, 1941

On the day of the attack, hundreds of Japanese planes were able to fly close enough to Hawaii undetected on the radar to bomb the American Naval Base near Honolulu, Hawaii. The attack lasted 2 hours and had devastating affects..


Around 20 Naval Vessels were destroyed, 2,000 men died, 1,000 men were injured and 200 airplanes were turned to dust..
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Why did this Subject grab my Attention?

The reason I was so drawn to learning more about the Attack on Pearl Harbor is because my great grandfather lost his leg in a bomb and had to have years of therapy to relearn how to walk. He still struggled until the day he died, and I wanted closure to know he did not die for no reason. Now I can say for a fact he went down a hero.

What did I learn?

I learned that the attack was the main event that caused the U.S to get involved with so many wars and eventually be and official part of Work War 2.