Reducing fat sugar and sodium

kimberly womble

5 tips for reducing fat in the diet

  1. select poultry, fish, dried beans, peas & lean meats.
  2. use eggs, liver, & shellfish in moderation
  3. limit butter, cream, margarine, shortening & foods made with these products
  4. season veggies w/ herbs, spices & lemon instead of butter
  5. use low fat & skim milk products instead of whole milk
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5 tips for reducing sugar in the diet

  1. serve fresh fruit & veggies as snack rather than candy & cookies
  2. drink fruit juice or unsweetened tea instead of soft drinks
  3. add fruit to unflavored yogurt rather than buying flavored yogurt
  4. use spices for flavor instead of sugar
  5. read labels to determine sugar content
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5 tips for reducing sodium in the diet

  1. substitute herbs & spices for salt wen preparing
  2. taste food before adding extra salt
  3. use lemon juice or balsamic vinegar instead of salt on veggies & fish
  4. eat fewer salty snack items (pretzels & chips)
  5. read labels & compare foods at supermarkets & buy those w/o added salt
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