Gracie Harris


There once was a girl named Lou

She loved her new dress, it was blue

One day she went to lunch

And all over the dress spilled red punch

The dress was no longer new


Ode to dancing

Dancing oh dancing, I simply love you

Sprinting and twirling through the room

I love how you keep us healthy

Having amazing recitals on stage

You keep us happy, and active

Dancing to my favorite music

Practicing and practicing until I get it right

Running, jumping, spinning, and having fun


Rhyme Scheme

There was a guy named Dylan

He was very tall

He loved to play sports

And was really good at basketball


Makes me think of

Snow makes me think of winter

Winter makes me think of Christmas

Christmas makes me think of family

Family makes me think of love

Love makes me think of happy

Happy makes me think of fun

Fun makes me think of snow



Diving off a peer

Colored coral in the sea

Fish swimming around



My hair is shiny like glass

My eyes chocolate brown

My attitude soars like a bird

My energy high like the clouds

My courage strong like a rock

My poem is neat like the sky

and long like the hours of the day

My glasses blue like the ocean

I am life


Color Poem

Black is the night sky covered in stars

Black is whites best friend

Black smells like smoke coming from a fire

Black tastes like fresh blackberries

Black sounds like the silence of a lonley room

Black looks like a stormy cloudy day

Black feels like a windy day on the mountains

Black makes me think of a lonley day

Black is the color of an unlucky cat


Acrostic Poem







Personification Poem

I am the clouds

Flying around the sky

Racing the birds

I supply the Earth with water

I am happy a lot, but I can also be angry

I also flood the lands

I am the clouds


Exaggeration Poem

I tripped over a rock

And when I hit the ground

It started to shake

I saw it start to form, the crack

It came towards me

I was unable to get up

I was now on top of the crack

It started to open up

Bigger and bigger it got

I suddenly fell in

And down, down I fell

I realized there was no bottom

I tripped over a rock