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Friday, December 7th, 2018

2018 Ornament Workshop

If you're able and willing, please send $3 in to cover the cost of the supplies. Please click below to sign up to volunteer to help with making ornaments.

Holiday Party

On Friday, December 21st we'll have a movie and a party. Next week, a slip will be coming home for you to sign and return to give your child permission to watch Jim Carrey's version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Please click below if you're interested in contributing to the party.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids have been working with new vocabulary in this unit. Factor, multiple, product, prime, composite, dividend, divisor, and quotient are some of the words that we're using regularly in class. During the upcoming week the kids will be solving long division problems with three and four-digit dividends. In addition, we'll spend time discussing what to do with remainders in word problems. The interpretation depends on the situation. For example, if a word problem asks how may shelved are needed to shelve all the books.....then an extra shelf will need to be added to take care of the remaining books after dividing. Please encourage your child to correct his/her exit tickets!!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We have been working hard on multiplication. We are multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit numbers. Everyone has a strategy that they feel successful with. Next week we begin division. This can be difficult for kids at first, but eventually they will be dividing pros! We will be using the traditional/standard long division algorithm. I encourage the students to study their math facts every night. They can now use Xtra Math online to help with that. There is a letter in your child's Friday Folder that explains the program and how to enroll at home. Please let me know if you are having difficulty with that website.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have continued our work on multiplication. This week we moved from multi digit by one digit multiplication to two by two digit multiplication. We started this by introducing two digits by a two digit multiple of ten, and then added a digit to the ones place. We used a couple of different methods, the first one was using an area model for solving. This method then naturally took us to finding partial products to help us solve the problems. Next week we will learn the traditional way of solving two by two digit problems. During parent conferences we have talked a lot about math. As I said then if your child is really struggling to finish homework, please have them stop after 20 solid minutes of work and write me a note, so that I can help them at school the next day.


Small Groups ~ This week we focused on some of the text features of nonfiction. Using a text from our Structures of Life science text, the kids were able to identify the headings, photos, captions, and italicized vocabulary words.

Explorer Work ~ Almost all of the kids completed the mini books where they read through short text to determine where the explorers were from, who they sailed for, what was the mission, and the actual discovery.

PAWS ~ The kids had this week off! Though they all enjoyed the break and worked on writing fiction! The upcoming week will be the last PAWS of 2018.

Picture Book Friday ~ Logan did a great job today reading to the class. The opportunity allows for a form of public speaking and fluency practice. We even came up with three solid themes supported by Peanut Butter & Cupcake. Tara is up for next Friday!

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Instruments & Sneakers

Kids will only need to bring instruments on Wednesday. They lucked out to have lessons and ensembles land on the same day! Kids will need sneakers on Tuesday and Thursday for PE.

Chorus Concert

The kids in chorus will perform three times on December 19th. They will be part of two daytime performances for their peers and one evening performance. Kids playing instruments do not perform in the winter.


In the fall, kids who were interested in Lego Robotics signed up to work with Mrs. Coleates. Today was the first day of that experience. They have two more sessions, one on Monday and the final meeting next Friday.

Student Government Spirit Week

I sent home a paper copy of this schedule too!

Monday, December 10th

Candy Cane Day

Dress in Red and White!

Tuesday, December 11th

Dress Your Wintery Best Day

Dress Your Best!

Wednesday, December 12th

Wednesday Wintery Bad Hair Day

Let your hair go…and show off a bad hair day!!

Thursday, December 13th

Winter Ugly Sweater or Shirt Day

Wear your ugliest shirt or sweater!

Friday, December 14th

Comfy cozy Day

Wear your most comfy cozy clothes or pajamas!