Global Poverty takes Global Action

~ I WISH ~

​​​I wish the world were a safer place,​​

For every boy and every girl, no matter their race. ​

​​I wish the world could hear the cries of the poor​

As children run around searching for food; knocking door to door.

​I wish the world could give them what they need​

It's not their fault; tell me, is this not your seed?

I wish the world would teach us how to love

A simple message given unto us first, from above​

I wish the world would give us a little bit more time

Maybe we will get it right; in hopes that everything works out fine.

I wish those living in the world, choose to be kinder

I have no qualms, this is just a simple reminder

​I wish you understand my desires; a premise for which I take

Be it your child or mine, heaven makes no mistakes

​I wish to get it right, acknowledging that my wishes are not about the world; but rather the people in it.

I wish, I didn't have to WISH.​

By: Lisa D. Houston | Pres@Blameless Faces Foundation

Blameless Faces Foundation Inc. ~THE OTHER BOOK~