Your Child's Mental Well-Being

The Harmful Effects of TV & Electronic Media

Dangers of Electronic Media

Research has shown that children younger than age two are at risk of having their cognitive development negatively influenced by exposure to television and other electronic media.

Children younger than two need to have hands-on activities (not hands-on an iPad or tablet computer) to help them develop their skills more thoroughly and increased exposure to electronic media during these years can actually be detrimental to their academic achievement in the future.

Let Them Play!

Young children, younger than two years of age, need to physically play with objects and other kids to improve their motor and social interaction skills before they become inundated with the electronic overload our society has become accustomed.

In their first couple years of life, children are unable to discern between what is real and what is fantasy. Therefore, exposing them to fictional images through media increases the likelihood of them becoming confused and, consequently, hindering their cognitive abilities.

About me

Wayne Burton, a parent of two, is currently enrolled at Lenoir-Rhyne University working on his bachelor's degree in public relations with a minor in psychology. His psychological studies have made him more aware of the developmental well-being of kids and a proponent for increased awareness of practices that could negatively influence children.