Six flags

Emily Kaitlen Darnell


Six flags was founded in 1961 it is one of the largest, and most popular theme parks in North America! They have many rides and sites to see.


Six flags consist of many rides, including water rides, and rides for little kids.Six flags also has many giftshops,and places to eat.

Speical themes

Six flags also has speical themes like on halloween they have a fright fest, or on christmas they have a winter wonderland! They change the entire park to the theme.


They have many gift shops around the park, you can find one almost everywhere around the park! Gift shops have awesome stuff, for example they have bright t-shirts,or bright color pants,cups,mugs,hats, and even bathing suits for the water park.

End ..

Six flags is the most biggest theme park in Noth America i sure you can get lost!

i wonder if this guide can help anybody?