The Wild Cheetahs Of Africa

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How Cheetahs Adapt

Wild Krats said the cheetahs have black markings under the eyes to see prey from far away with the sun in their eyes,like for an example: football players put black paint under their eyes.Cheetah fact sheet national zoo said,cheetahs have long skinny and muscular legs to sprint far and fast ,and they also have the agility to let them change the direction fast to run down their prey.Also the cheetah fact sheet said,they have spots on their fur to camouflage

when hunting prey,like the clouded leopard blends in to catch food.The cheetah fact sheet said that,the cheetahs long tail helps it balance when running and leaping so they don't fall.Cheetahs have a coating of a honey badger when born from 0-3 months because a honey badger is very strong, so therefore animals will not want to attack the cheetah cub.

The Food Chain of Cheetah

On the website cheetah fact sheet-National zoo it said that a cheetah eats hoofed animals weighing less then 90 pounds. That would be including, young wild beast, hares, warthogs,birds, and the cheetahs favourite, introducing the Thompsons gazelle. So you want know what eats a cheetah? Well a lion is one of the biggest predator for a cheetah, also the black momba, it is 1 of the most venomous creature in the world and big enough to kill a lion. And a hyena will also want to eat a cheetah.But here is the real question, how does the cheetah get away? Well the cheetah gets away by running the predator out, so the cheetah really relies on speed.

The Habitat Characteristics

In the African savannah it is really humid also dry from the sun especially in summer time. Also it is sunny and bright with mud and sand with rarely any snow in the winter. In the savannah cheetahs are found in some different types of areas.-(cheetah fact sheet-National zoo).

The Flora

The African Savannah has plants such as thorn bushes, acacia Senegal, candelabra tree, jackalberry tree, umbrella thorned acacia, whistling thorn, bermuda grass, and elephant grass. We found this info on And those are the main plants of the African Savannah.

The Fauna

In the African Savannah the other main animals are: giraffes, zebra, elephant, lions, hippo, crocodiles, hyena, and the Thompson gazelles. we found this on google images.

Fun Facts

On the cheetah fact sheet it said.Cheetahs can run to a top speed of 72km per hour,also a cheetah has a body of 3-6 foot long body including their 30 inch tail.A group of cheetahs is called a coalition.(usually made of 2-4 brothers).Cheetahs hunt during middle day to avoid lions and lepeords. Cheetahs stalk their prey and once they get within 50 feet,they dash out of cover and attack their prey.Cheetahs chirp to call their cub from danger.Cheetahs can only run top speed for 500 meters till they run out of breath,and that's a good time for predators to go and eat them.Cheetahs are extinct in some areas.Cheetahs are mostly independent with their cubs or by themselves,and cheetahs are the fastest land animal on the planet.


The two main resources were wild Krats and Cheetah fact sheet national zoo.
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-Why do cheetahs have black spots?

-How fast do cheetahs run?

-Name 2 adaptations a cheetah has?

-What is the cheetahs favourite animal to eat?

-Name 3 plants that are in the African savannah

-Name 3 animals in the African savannah