grand fathers mansion


It has the most breath taking sites

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recent visitors with happy smiles


This house comes with a butler and an old lady who sings your baby to sleep. She only comes out at night and if you walk by you can hear her whisper. rock-a-by baby don't say a word, shhhh the baby is sleeping she has dark eye cover and is always wearing a black vail. It also comes with one gouly dog.

this is one spatacular house

The Grand Fathers Mansion

We love knarly visitors, we only serve slimy worms with lasagna we have 4 tiny trampoline 2 bags full of warty toes and toads, 10 boys who laugh at vacuum cleaners with smiley stickers on them and then start crying, and one little girl who sits in the window sill and moans.
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Friday, Oct. 16th, 3:30pm to Monday, Oct. 19th, 5:30pm

Seaton Hall, Manhattan, KS, United States

Manhattan, KS

Arrive early if interested.