PCDC Monthly Newsletter

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

May 2021

Our Mission

The mission of Parent Child Development Corporation is to empower families to improve the quality of their lives through educational and self-help programs, family support services, and advocacy activities in partnership with the community.

Our Vision

The vision of Parent Child Development Corporation (PCDC) is to be a leader in comprehensive preschool programs, child care services, and family support services in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula. PCDC will provide direct services, coordinate regional and inter-agency service delivery systems for children and families, and advocate for programs and services which promote the welfare of all children and families in the community, state and nation. PCDC will forge partnerships with communities and organizations to effectively and efficiently utilize human and financial resources, both public and private.

Message from the Executive Director

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It takes a big heart to shape little minds. You have BIG hearts. Teachers who inspire and teach make their children blossom. Thanks for planting the seeds of knowledge. We see our children blossom!

What a great month to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Like nature, we have a season. All throughout your teaching season you are cultivating, building brains, nurturing your little seeds, and weeding. When they need warmth, you cover them with your love. In most climates, there is a dormant season. Sometimes you have to rest to store up the energy that makes your roots strong. So, you rest. Sometimes you have to prune or cut back some of the branches to invigorate growth the next season. Going into a dormant state, the cold weather hits and prepares the soil with nutrients. Then comes the rain in April. The rain can pour down on you and sometimes you think it will never end--all the assessments, procedures, challenges, maybe you experienced a thunderstorm. You weathered it, now exhale.

THANK YOU! Our families thank you. Our Board and Policy Council thank you. The communities we serve thank you. And, most of all, your students thank you. April showers bring May flowers and teacher appreciation week. But, as you can clearly see what you do is to be appreciated every day, every week, every season for all the endless hours you put your heart and soul into encouraging the little mind, asking questions that encourage cognitive development, supporting children's struggles, cultivating each little dream and building little brains. You are a teacher, you are an advocate-- what a noble occupation! You are our heroes and we honor you this week.

With heartfelt gratitude, I humbly thank you for shaping the lives of our children and their parents as you make a lifelong impact in their lives. They, nor I will ever forget your impact. You are appreciated.

With humble thanks and sincere gratitude.

Verlane Mack

PCDC Executive Director/ Head Start/ Early Head Start Director

As you pass by, stop and say “Hello” to: New Hires/ Welcome to PCDC Team!

  • · Nicole Agee, Assistant Executive Director Email: nagee@pcdcva.org, (804)843-2289 Ext 2103
  • · Nina Carr, Education Manager Email: ncarr@pcdcva.org, (804)843-2289 Ext 2122
  • · Jennifer Donnelly, Assistant Education Manager Email: jdonnelly@pcdcva.org, (804)843-2289 Ext 2117
  • · Nancy Lambert, Kitchen/Classroom Aid Email: nlambert@pcdcva.org, (804)843-4869 Ext 2208
  • · Angel Falcon, Facility Maintenance Assistant Email: afalcon@pcdcva.org, (804)843-2289 Ext 2113
  • · Gwyneth Stubbs, Substitute

Congratulations!!! Outstanding Job, Verlene Peck completed her CDA!

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Happy Birthday!!

“May your birthday be the start of a year filled with good luck, good health and much happiness.”


· Elizabeth Aguilar

· Ashland Christian

· Patricia Williams

· Anita Rohr

· February

· Cassandra Strand

· Taylor Wynn

· Brooke Higginbotham

· Karen Bridges

· Nicole Agee

· Jessica Poe


Vicki Hilton

Tammy Ball

Shawn Cannada-Stewart

Erika McCurry

Jennifer Russell

Nancy Lambert

Angel Falcon


Laurie Farmer


Candice Depping

Jacqueline Izquierdo

Jennifer Donnelly

Happy Birthday song

With regrets, the following employees have resigned to pursue new opportunities: Darlene Ingram, Ron Stepp

If interested in any of the openings, submit a PCDC application. Refer your friend, neighbor, relative too…

Employment Opportunities

Fiscal Manager

Family Advocate Manager

Lead Teacher (Preschool)

Teaching Assistant (New Kent)

Secondary Caregiver

Floating Teaching Assistant


Inspiring Quote: Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much… Helen Keller

If you need any further information, please let me know.

Thank you.

Aixa Aklan

HR Manager

Smile! Sparkle! Shine!

National Teacher’s Appreciation Week

National Teacher’s Appreciation Week runs from May 3rd to the 7th. We would like to acknowledge and honor all of our Early Childhood Educators for a job well done! We would also like to highlight Ms. Cassandra Strand, our New Kent Head Start Lead Teacher who did a wonderful lesson via Zoom about seeds with her students. Not only were the children engaged in the lesson, but Ms. Cassandra provided various resources for her lesson by reading a story about seeds, art having her children draw and describe their seeds and a visual presentation of various types of seeds. Awesome Job!

Nina & Jennifer

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Buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they are in season. During summer months check out local Farmers Markets for good deals on local produce. Frozen produce has all the nutrients and health benefits as fresh but is generally much cheaper (and easier to store).

Make a list of things you need. Going to the store with a game plan (and sticking to it) will help to keep you away from impulse buys that may not be the healthiest choices.

Repurpose leftovers. Wasting food is like throwing money straight into the garbage. Find creative ways to reuse last night’s dinner as part of another meal.

Meat can be very pricey. Having “Meatless Monday” every week will help you save a few dollars on your bill and will reduce the amount of saturated fats your family eats.

Plan your family meals ahead of time. Knowing what you will be making during the week will keep you from having to make unexpected trips to the store and will save time during the week on food preparation.


Reminder: Keep a look out for CDC and VDH updates and Remember Health and Safety is Important.

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Mo Encouragement:


Enrollment Time

We are now accepting enrollment applications for the 2021-2022 School Year for our Bridges Head Start (income eligible children 3 and 4-year-old) and Early Head Start programs (income eligible children ages 6 weeks to 3 years). Providing FREE comprehensive preschool services for children, and their families. Let’s Soar Together. Please contact Ms. Taliaferro at (804) 843-2289 or mtaliaferro@pcdcva.org to register.

Hello coworkers!!

I have had the pleasure of hearing Gloria Sherman speak about "Discovering Joy! Turning stress into your New Super Power” at the 2021 National Head Start Conference. That is why I am including her presentation for you to enjoy as well. If you have time this is an excellent opportunity to Discover Joy in your own life. I strongly suggest you give it a listen; you are worth it! I look forward to seeing you at the mental health and wellness zoom. Until then, Be calm and head start on!


2 Minute Guided Breathing Relaxation Exercise

We Need YOU!

We need your help to recruit! Please help spread the word about enrollment in our communities. If you live in our service areas, consider sharing flyers and GTKY forms with friends, neighbors, churches, etc. Just contact your advocate, or stop by the main office for flyers! Let’s do our best to support our communities and service families in need. Thanks in advance!


Families to update physicals, immunizations, and dental exams.

Accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. The child has to be between the ages of 3-5 by Sept. 30th. Please contact us to set up an intake at 804 843-2289.

Gloucester Area Community Resources

  • Bread For Life , St Therse Monique Raposa, Executive Director 6262 Main Street Gloucester VA 23061 Mon & Wed 10:30-1:30 804-694-9366 bfl@bflpantry.com COVID Restrictions apply call for details
  • Living Waters Church Vergie Carter 2061 Windsor Road Dutton VA 23050 Last Sat of Month. EM basis . 9:00-11:00 804-815-6391,804-832-8626 carterlighthouse@aol.com Drive up distrubution or can meet for EM. 168 people for last distrubution
  • Salem UMC Anne 11408 Salem Church Road Gloucester VA 23061 Third Sat of each month 9-11am 804-693-3754 salemolive@aol.com call for details. Usually held once a month
  • Susanna Wesley Pastor Tom 3900 GWMH Gloucester VA 23061 Wed 9-10:30 804-642-7551 susannawesleyumc.org Call Monday for pickup on Wednesday.
  • Union Baptist AB Fulber 9254 Guinea Rd Hayes VA 23072 Mon & Thurs 9-10:30 am 757-509-0045? 804-642-2332 union@unionbaptist.net 23072 zipcode
  • White Marsh Baptist Karen 5123 GWMH White Marsh VA 23183 First Thurday 10:00-12 804-815-6859 none USDA food program
  • Bellamy UMC in conjunction with other churches Jennifer Hart 4870 Chestnut Fork Rd Gloucester VA 23061 varies usually every two weeks Jennifer Hart is director of Childrens Ministry ,She runs the program . dcm@bellamyumc.org formula, diapers, wipes . Drive up, no intake. check facebook event on Bellamy UMC FB page
  • The Salvation Army Gloucester Nicole Watson 7059 Linda Circle Hayes VA 23072 no appointment needed. Mon- Thursday 9:30-3:00 804-642-3960 nicole.watson@uss.salvationarmy.org

Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community Services Board

  • Early Intervention Services Rural Infant Services Program (RISP) provides services for children from birth to 3 years old, including those born prematurely or with a medical problem that may cause developmental delays. Also provides help to children who have a disability or who are having problems learning to walk, talk, play, eat or get along with others. 3 Rivers Healthy Families provides in-home parenting support, mentoring and training to pregnant women and those with young children up to age 7. 0-3 5372B Old Virginia Street Urbanna, VA 23175 risp@mpnn.state.va.us 804-758-5250 800-305-BABY
  • Community Options Case Management (Support Coordination) - Case Management is the entry level step for receiving Community Options services. Case Management is the service that directly assists individuals and families with assessing their strengths and service needs, linking individuals with basic services, monitoring service delivery, and acting as a resource. It is the core service that Virginians with developmental disabilities receive to help navigate and make the best use of our publicly funded system of services. Case Management is of critical importance to all dimensions of the services system. The Support Coordinator’s role is essential as to ensure effective and accountable services. Support Coordinators assess the needs of the individuals and they work with that person and their support team to develop a customized plan. The plan will identify measurable outcomes based on the assessed areas of interest and/or need. The Support Coordinator advocates, monitors for health and safety, makes referrals to appropriate community resources, and provides other case management services to enhance the individuals daily living including community integration and engagement. There is a fee for this service, however if the individual has Medicaid, this is a covered services under State Plan Options (SPO). In-Home Residential Support- In-home residential support can be provided for children in their family’s home and to individuals living in their own homes or apartments. In-home support is available to people who live independently, but need assistance and training with certain aspects of daily living. This service can be provided to both children and adults under the Family and Individual Supports Waiver and the Community Living Waiver. Residential Services – Congregate residential services provides 24 hour training, supervision, and assistance, by trained staff in one of the group homes operated by the CSB. Congregate residential services are available to adults 18 years or older. This service is one of many services available in the Community Living Waiver. Any age Lewis B. Puller Building 2788 General Puller Hwy (Rt. 33, East Stormont) Saluda, VA 23149 co@mpnn.state.va.us 804-758-5877 800-311-5390
  • Prevention Services Coalition Outreach mobilizes individuals to become involved in making their communities and neighborhoods healthier, safer, and more positive places to live and work. Family Education programs teach the skills necessary to be the best parent possible. School-Based Prevention programs teach a wide-range of social skills that promote positive youth development. Suicide Prevention programs increase awareness about the signs of suicide and what to do if these signs exist 3786 George Washington Memorial Highway Hayes, VA 23072 prevent@mpnn.state.va.us 804-642-5402 888-773-8550
  • Youth and Family Services Intensive In-Home Services yfs@mpnn.state.va.us 804-758-4035
  • Mental Health Outpatient Counseling is available for individuals and families. Marital and group therapy are also available, as well as mental health outpatient care. Emergency Services are available, call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Psychiatric Services provides state-of-the-art psychiatric care to stabilize psychiatric symptoms. Case Management assesses individuals' strengths and provides monitoring and links to services. Psychosocial Rehabilitation features structured programs designed to help individuals develop life skills. Residential Programs offer settings to help individuals and their families work together toward better mental health. Jail Services benefit from a wide range of mental health and substance abuse services for individuals during incarceration and transition into society. COPE is a telephone hotline service operated 24 hours a day. COPE can provide you with information, brief telephone counseling, and/or put you in contact with the Emergency Services Clinician. COPE can be reached by calling 693-COPE or 1-800-542-COPE. There is no fee for this service unless a clinician is contacted. Any age Gloucester Counseling Center 9228 George Washington Memorial Hwy. Gloucester, VA 23061 804.693.5057 800.639.9668 or Warsaw Counseling Center 414 Main Street P.O. Box 729 Warsaw, VA 22572 804.333.3671 800.639.9882 mhsa@mpnn.state.va.us
  • Substance Use Offering a wide array of treatment programming tailored to meet the needs of adult men and women, as well as adolescents, in various stages of recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Substance use treatment groups are provided at Warsaw and Gloucester Counseling Centers, as well as some satellite sites. Most services are provided in the evening, but some groups are also available during daytime hours. Gloucester Counseling Center 9228 George Washington Memorial Hwy. Gloucester, VA 23061 804.693.5057 800.639.9668 or Warsaw Counseling Center 414 Main Street Warsaw, VA 22572 804.333.3671 800.639.9882

April is National Gardening Month! Ms. Kimberly and I are partnering up with Shalom Farms again to bring Gardening/Farming back into the Classrooms! YAY For Virtual Field Trips Again and Farm To School!! Thank you to the Family Advocates who have turned in as well as diligently working on retrieving their Annual Enrollment Forms (AEF), Special Dietary Forms, and updated Allergy Forms from their families! You All Are Simply Amazing! Thank you to All of the Teachers who go above and beyond in/out of their classrooms! It was such a treat visiting the Smart Start site and the Charles City site! The Classrooms are fun, interactive, and the teachers bring such joy to their students!


P.S. - Here is a healthy meal to try at home! Bon Appetit!

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Friendly Reminders:

Please address any concerns or inquiries regarding payroll, medical, or leave to the HR Department.

Requisitions will be approved once a week, on Tuesdays and/or based on urgency. Please submit requisitions to Bree by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesdays.

Teacher Assistants, please have your teacher sign your timesheets before submitting them to payroll.

If you have not already registered with ADP, please be on the lookout for an email to register.

Please complete and turn in PTO forms for approval as soon as possible.

Thank You.

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Memorial Day

Monday, May 31st, 12am

Parent Child Development Corporation

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Message from the Assistant Executive Director

A huge heartfelt thank you to the PCDC family for making me feel so welcomed! I am truly inspired by the work you do and your unwavering dedication. Please know how appreciated you are for the time, love, and care you give everyday. I hope to make as much of a difference as you do, and am grateful to be a part of the PCDC team!

With Admiration,


“I believe that this is one of the most constructive, and one of the most sensible, and also one of the most exciting programs that this nation has ever undertaken.” — President Lyndon B. Johnson on the Head Start program, May 18, 1965