Night of the Twisters

by: Ivy Ruckman


Dan Hatch is the main character. He is 12 years old and he go's through 7 tornado's and telling how he survives.

Arthur Darlington is the second character. In the first tornado Author ,Dan, and baby Ryan go through a huge one that destroys the Hatch's home base and Dan best friend.

Linda Hatch is the third character. She is the mom to Dan and Ryan Hatch.

John Hatch is the fourth character. He is the dad to Dan and Ryan Hatch.

Stacey Darlington is the fifth character. She is the mom to Author Darlington.

Ronnie Vae Darlington is the sixth character. She Author's sister.

Aunt Goldie is the seventh character. She is Dan and Ryan's aunt.

Mrs.Smiley is the eighth character. She is the Hatch family's good friend.

Ryan is the ninth character. He is Dan's little brother.

Grandpa Hatch is the tenth character. He is Dan and Ryan's Grandpa.

Grandma Hatch is the eleventh character. She is Dan and Ryan's Grandma.

By: Ivy Ruckman

Hi, I am the creator of night of the twisters and I am Dan Hatch's Aunt and I wasn't in the tornados happing that night but Dan was. So I thought that it would be cool to write a story on the night of the twisters. Dan wasn't very happy that I wrote a book on it but I was happy I did. If you are interested in buying this book click here. Click here:

I look forward to you reading this book!!!!!

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