The Road To Perseverance

By: Ellie Chromy

Definition Of Perseverance

Perseverance is when you go through an adversity in your life, or a struggle, and you do whatever it takes to fix it, or change who you are.

Behind The Bedroom Wall, By: Laura E. Williams

In the book, “Behind The Bedroom Wall” By: Laura E. Williams, the two main characters are very different from each other. Korrina and her Mom have very strong personalities but don’t always blend too well. Korrina suddenly finds that Jewish people are hiding behind the wardrobe. Two such Jews, Sophie and Rachel, are hiding in their house so that the Germans do not find them. Korrina and her Mom also both have different emotions and thoughts about the Jewish people staying in their house. Korrina is a very loyal German and is feeling very DISTRAUGHT with having Rachel and Sophie stay in their house. She has a big heart and knows that they are going through ADVERSITY, and struggling. Conversely, her mother couldn’t be happier with having Jewish people stay with them. Korrina's mother has a strong CONVICTION in her religion and feels like she has to support people when they are going through such a hard time.

Korrina and her mother are also are very much alike. Korrina likes to stick to her schedule and never wants to miss a day of school. Her mother also like to stick to the schedule and always wants Korrina to go to school and do her after school activities. They are also alike because they both are very protective of their family. When the Nazis were searching Korrina's house for Jews, he mom and her were very worried that if they found the people hiding in there house that they would separate the family and they would go to different concentration camps. Korrina and her Mother are two very different people, with two very big hearts.

Jackie Robinson Description

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The One and Only Ivan, Sequence.

In the book “The one and only Ivan”, by: Katherine Applegate, it shows how a gorilla has feelings, just like humans. In the beginning Ivan the gorilla talked about how he felt in his dome that he had to stay in. His dome was in a mall that did circus shows at night. The second thing that takes place in the story is Ivan has a really good friend who is named Ruby, she was a baby elephant, and once she moved into the domes she and Ivan became really good friends. Before all of this happened, Ivan use to have a best friend whos name was Stella. Stella was the same type of gorilla, she died because of old age. Then the owner of the mall, thinks that he might have to close the mall down, because somebody quit there job and they were low on money. After all of that went on it turned out that the owner did not have to owe any money and could keep the mall open! After that happened Ivan was sufferening depression because of stella, and how she was not alive anymore. Ruby was also very weak in points of the book as well. At last Ivan and ruby get an oppurtutnity to go to the zoo, and they then move there domes to the zoo! Finally Ivan meets another Gorilla like him, and they live happily ever after.

Losing To Win, Problem and Solution.

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Eleanor Roosevelt, Cuase and Effect.

Eleanor Roosevelt had a vey rough childhood as a kid; she was quoted as “The ugly duckling” because nobody thought she was pretty or cute. Eleanor’s mom and dad were hoping that they would have a boy, but instead they got a girl. Her mom was a very pretty lady, and many thought she was beautiful, that made it even harder for Eleanor. Eleanor was very alone and depressed as a child. Many thought that since her parents were rich and famous she would have a great childhood, and would be aloud to do so many different, and cool things. Wrong, she struggled with being positive, and her parents were not giving her the attention that she wanted. Her dad later faltered in his life because he had a disease, Eleanor’s dad was the closest thing to her in the whole family, and she could not imagine her life without him. Once Eleanor’s dad had passed away Eleanor was feeling really sad, her childhood had not made her a very happy. She knew that she deserved better. She knew that her parents loved her, but they just showed their love differently. Later in her life she married Franklin D. Roosevelt. Her husband inspired her to do so many different things. She later became a very famous speaker, many people were anxious to see her because many people were inspired by how strong she was.

Conclusion Paragraph

Many people have INSPIRED people to overcome there own ADVERSITIES in their everyday life. Just like in our own everyday lives we can learn from others mistakes. When you see people who have overcame something so difficult in their live, it pushes us to be just as good, and to face our fears, and to overcome our own obstacle's. Because everybody has there own ten minutes of turbulence in their life.