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Triton Review and Preview 10.25.2017



It's hard to believe, but we are a third of the way through school. I hope thus far it's been a good transition for 7th grade students and a series of new experiences for our 8th graders. We have some exciting opportunities in store for our 7th graders seeking leadership. Next semester, we will ask students to participate in our Anti-bullying organization know as Safe School Ambassadors as well as the new student orientation program known as WEB (Where Everyone Belongs). We will have more information forthcoming. Please encourage your students to consider joining!

Here are some updates on some key items:

1. We raised over $3000 for our school through Walk for Change. Thank you for participating. The money will go to supporting a local charity as well as resources for our teachers. Thank you again!

2. We have concluded our pilot program for traffic studies. We have met with district and city officials for over one month. We have also used feedback from parents. For the meantime, here is what is being suggested:

A. The loop will remained closed until we have the proper signage installed to

promote traffic flow as well as painting designated drop-off curbs. This could be as little as two weeks. In addition, the city is going to assist with extending lanes and ingress pathways. Once opened, the loop can only be accessed from Duncan Road heading southbound. There will be no left turn in/out. The parking overflow will only allow for a right turn out.

B. We are going to encourage parents to continue on the same path they are

dropping off their students. We are going to do everything possible to prevent

left turns in certain areas which hamper traffic flow. The left turn that will be allowed

is southbound Duncan Road to the overflow parking area where they can only exit


C. Parents coming from the Rolling Hills and San Miguel area should also consider

using Hunte Parkway to Stone Gate (drop off) and turning left onto Duncan Ranch Road.

D. Parents coming from the South (Woods, Vistas, Greens, Winding Walk) should

review multiple drop-offs spots including Stone Gate Road and the Overflow Parking area.

E. IMPORTANT. We need your support with compliance of laws especially near

the crosswalks. Parking on Duncan Ranch Road (north) past the overflow parking is dangerous as it limits space for drivers to safely go straight or turn right from the overflow parking. Also, please pull up past the curb on the corner of Duncan Ranch Road (south) and Stone Gate (west). These places will be painted.

F. We will have administrators assisting at the crosswalks in the morning and after


G. We are making an informative video to help our community understand these


3. The I Love CV Campaign (Eastlake Church) is coming this Saturday (10/28) to ELM from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We will be cleaning up the school. Feel free to join us!

4. We are trying to educate our students about keeping our campus clean. There have been many issues with students splattering food on the floors and throwing it at each other. We are patrolling the areas to the best of our ability. We are looking into other ways to educate as well.

5. The Student Handbook has been updated on the website. The teachers have voted to honor the Student Senate request for sleeveless tops. The straps must be wide enough to cover a majority of the shoulder area.

6. It's hot out there. Make sure your students are dressing in light clothing and drinking a lot of water. We have kept the pavilion open for students to get relief.

As always, let me know what I can do the be of better service to our community. Halloween is around the corner as well. Students are aware of expectations. I am dressing up as well (let's just say it will be a Thriller).

Way to go Counselors! SDSU Compact for Success

SDSU and Sweetwater Union High School District Agreement

Make sure you check in with our counselors about valuable information about the SDSU guaranteed admission program. What a wonderful opportunity for our students. Start planning now! Thank you to our counselors and staff members who supported the students and parents this past weekend at SDSU. You rock!!
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Walk for Change Pep Rally!

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Final Thoughts

Our Work

Parents - I recently shared this with our staff. You can also help us be positive pivots in your kid's life by serving as partners.

I recently read a book entitled Pivotal Moments. The book describes those important moments that many students experience that will either lead the to success or to doubt. I know as I walk this campus, I feel confident that our pivotal moments with our students revolve around equity and a growth mindset. Let's continue to make a difference in the lives of young people. And when things do get tough or discouraging, remember that this is a pivotal moment. What we do can have a profound impact on a young person's life! Be the difference maker! Check out the Ted Talk about our impact when we listen to kids and model what we expect. Eat your apples!

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