Personality Type:True Colors Orange

by: Patrick Eason

Overview of My Color

For my Online Experience class we took a test to see out personality type. After taking this test my results show that I'm and Orange. We are going to dwell on if this is Accurate. The basic summary of this color is energetic, loud, and a natural performer. When working it says I am bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured. As a leader I expect quick action. Some of its symptoms of a bad day are rudeness and defiance, breaking the rules intentionally, and running away.
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Thoughts about my color

My Thoughts about my color. There were some characteristic about this color that really fit me, which would include, having the most difficult time fitting into academic routine as a child, enjoying giving big gifts, and being a natural performer. Three characteristics that were not like me was accepting change, breaking rules intentionally, and acting out. A job that would fit this personality is an actor because your a natural performer, and welcoming change like suggestions. The color might have a negative affect on we being that everything has to be right now, and being bored and restless.