Mansa Musa


Mansa Mus'a Journey

Mansa Musa is famous for his Hajj journey. He stopped in Egypt and gave gold to the people. Mansa was a great son of Sunjata. In twenty five years his reign was described as the golden age of the empire of Mali. When that happened he made Islamic practice. He practice his Hajj in 1324.

Mansa Musa , The Ruler

Mansa was a ruler for twenty five years.He ruled over Timbuktu. Later on Mans'a was change by Mali and Morocco. he is still a ruler but now have became a powerful ruler. Mansa became a powerful ruler in 1312 AD.In 1324 he ruled the Middle east and Europe.

Mansa the Powerful

Mansa Musa was a powerful ruler in 1312 AD.Then he was on the map of India for the first time! Before you new it Mansa was the king. He was king for twenty five years in Africa.Ones Mansa Musa was king he had ruled over Mecca and his Pilgrimages.

Death of Mansa

Before you new it Mansa Musa Had die. Mansa was born in 1280 and was a wealthy empire.He die in 1337. Mansa pilgrimage brought Mali to Europe. For two centuries Italian,German,and Spanish was on the first map at Italy in 1339.With Mansa Musa name when he die. His son was a succeeded boy.

The End of Mansa Musa

In the end in Mansa Musa was a great king. He was the west Africa empire of Mali from 1312. Mansa brought Mali empire to its greatest height during his reign of Timbuktu. His pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324 brought Mali fame through the world. Mansa gifts of gold in Cairo were so great that it was valued in Egypt.

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