Plickers 2.0

An Easy to Use Student Response System

How to Use Plickers in the Classroom

Why Should You Use Plickers?

Plickers is a FREE app that can be used on any IOS or Android operating system developed by Nolan Amy. Students will receive a card that has a number on it and the answer choices A, B, C, and D. Teachers can print these free at as many times as they need. The teacher will use her smart phone or tablet to scan the class cards and begin to immediately see student responses pop up on the screen. The student simply has to hold the answer choice they choose at the top of their card. This wonderfully simple activity can be used for pre-assessments, checks for understanding, polls or class surveys, tickets out the door, etc. Plickers is a great way to infuse technology into your classroom to make a teacher's life easier.

New in Plickers 2.0

  • Create full questions and answer choices – take advantage of your keyboard to write questions on the web and add them to your Library
  • Plan questions for multiple classes – easily manage and reuse questions across classes from your Library
  • Teach with Live View – Display questions and answer choices and share real-time results while scanning student responses
  • Keep things organized – Edit, archive, and delete; search and filter – we’ve got more options for you to manage your stuff
  • Work offline (or online!)Plickers will keep your data in-sync across the mobile app and website
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It's super easy to start using Plickers. Check out these helpful resources:

· Intro webinar: A Plickers walkthrough and chance to ask questions. We host webinars 2 different times a week.

· Help center: Step-by-step explanations for everything on Plickers.

We're also just a chat, tweet, or email away for more support.

Happy teaching!

Team Plickers