Tech Telegram

Hardy 10/10-10/14

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Teacher Spotlight

This week, Ashley Coberley trained on using Gynzy in the classroom. Ashley had some great ideas for the classrooms she visits and wanted to learn about the program in order to add to the curriculum.

Nichola Easterling was spotted using the tablet cart, Today's Meet (a backchannel polling website) and Scholastic Web Site to gain understanding of the upcoming Presidential Election. Amazing to see the implementation of technology to engage her 3rd grade students. They were able to cast their votes and make them count!!!!!!

Way to Go Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Hardware

The new hardware is coming in and being set up in the classrooms. Hardy's technology has been replaced recently and a majority of the classroom's have new Projectors, Document Cameras, and eBeams. Now the students and teachers are ready for successful implementation and integration of technology in their lessons!!!!!! Whoop!!!!!

T3 eBeam Training

This week's T3 eBeam training attendees were Eva Ferguson, Arlene Haymond, Juana Sanchez, Brandi Montgomery, Angela Taylor, Ashley Luly, and Kathy Spencer. Not only are they welcoming the eBeam technology, they are making plans for implementation. I heard great ideas during the training and look forward to working with these gifted instructors and students.

You Ladies ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!