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Luce was sent to Sword and Cross (a reform school). After being suspected of being involved with the killing of her crush Trevor. Ever since she was young she saw shadows and the consistently haunt her. At sword and Cross she falls for 2 boys, Cam and Daniel. Cam is throwing himself at Luce and but Luce's interest is in Daniel but clearly he has no interest in her. When she proceeds to chase Daniel he acts super weird and her and Penn go on a investigation. What Penn and Luce finds makes Luce's life turn up side down.


  • Lucinda Price (Luce) - Main character
  • Daniel Grigori - Luce's crush
  • Arriane Alter - Luce's friend
  • Gabrielle Givens - Luce's friend
  • Penny Weathervan Syckle-Lockwood (Penn) - Luce's Best friend
  • Roland Sparks - Daniel and Cam's friend
  • Cameron Briel (Cam) -Luce's crush
  • Shophia Bliss (Mrs. Sophia) -Librarian
  • Randy - Director over Sword and Cross
  • Todd - Random kid

Character Analysis for Luce

Trait 1: Anxiety

Evidence: When she sees shadows.

Trait 2: A really good friend

Evidence: She fought to the end with and for Penn.

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Impossible love can be eternal.

Important Event summary:

Luce and Penn are on a investigation at the Sword and Cross library when Luce is bothered by her shadows. Soon smoke was filling the air and then flames followed. Penn got out the library but Luce and Todd was still stuck in there trying to get out but more and more shadows came. Something carried them out then dropped them. Luce and Todd Both Fall down some stairs. both are hospitalized. Luce was okay but Todd Had more critical injures.
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I like this book because it kept you thinking and asking question like why are they acting weird. I recommend this book to people that are in to like superstition things. Also to people who enjoys the twilight series. it's kind of like that.
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