By, Sungao Macauley

Bucephalus Life Story

Bucephalus was a great help to Alexander in wars and in happy times. Bucephalus was Alexander the great horse. He was most famous actual of antiquity. People wondered what is the real meaning of Bucephalus and why did Alexander name him that. Well, Bucephalus mean't "ox head". He named him that because other people weren't able to men-tame him but Alexander was the only one who took his time to tamed him. So, that's why he called his horse Bucephalus. Bucephalus was born in 1839, in Macedonia. He would alway go to war with Alexander they were best mates who would stick together like glue. Bucephalus was always with Alexander. No one was aloud to ride him only Alexander was. Bucephalus was his good luck charm in battle. But, that charm didn't last forever Bucephalus was wounded and died in 326 b.c. during the battle with Hydaspes. Alexander's life hasn't been the same without his best friend around. So, in remembrance he built a city and named it Bucephala after his horse Bucephalus.