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News & Notes from Mrs. Kapuchuck

Good Evening, MVES Families!

Thanks to the U.S. Veterans from among our parents, grandparents, and MVES community who came to celebrate with us during this past Monday's Veteran's Day assembly. We were so fortunate to have you join us and the entire MVES community thanks you for your service. Thanks as well to Ms. Enke for a beautiful first grade performance!

Please continue to send in Attractions booklets! The deadline for purchasing is Wednesday, December 4th. There are so many great coupons in this book and the proceeds support our classrooms and our students! Thanks so much for your support.

This week is American Education Week! Parents and family members, we appreciate your support of MVES and for quality public education for all students. We have the BEST staff and students at MVES. Our cafeteria staff works tirelessly to prepare the warmest, most delicious meals in RCPS. Our bus drivers are tasked with getting our students to and from school safely each day and they take great pride in that responsibility, our teachers and support staff are dedicated to planning lessons and learning experiences to meet the needs of every child, both socially and academically, our custodians always have our school looking beautiful on the inside and out, and our office staff is always providing service with a smile. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated team working together to provide your children with the education they deserve!

This week, my son's principal sent out the following message in his weekly newsletter. It really resonated with me as a parent, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Family Connections:

The secret to getting into your child’s world?

Let them know THEY MATTER!

You may be thinking, “Of course they know.” or “They should ALREADY know that.”

What if they don’t? What if you believe they know that, but they don’t see it that way? Then get intentional and MAKE SURE they know it.

This is where the rubber hits the road! Don’t TELL them they matter, show them.

-Have dinner with them as often as you can.

-Put away all electronics (both yours and theirs) for an hour and just talk/play games/take a walk/throw a ball around. You get the idea.

-Talk to them while driving down the road. They may respond better to this than sitting down face-to-face because it doesn’t feel confrontational.

-Hold them accountable for their grades. Give them consequences for grades you don’t approve of.

-Help them with their homework and don’t be afraid to tell them if you don’t understand it. Maybe you can figure it out together.

-Give them chores to do around the house and SHOW them how to do them correctly. Let them know what a help it is to you.

-Get to know their friends and their friends’ parents. Get to know ANYONE who will be spending time with your child. You are NOT interfering! You are loving and protecting your child. Nothing feels better than to know someone important in your life is looking out for you.

-Set boundaries around friends/bedtime/electronics. They NEED these boundaries. They will fight, but by being consistent and firm, you are telling them they are worth your energy.

Dig in deep if you need to, but know that it will pay off over time as you watch your child transform into a caring, responsible, functional part of your family.

The secret to getting into your child’s world is to be part of it!

Have a great week!


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Fuel Assistance Program

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Upcoming Events!

November 18

-Wildlife Center Assembly

-Book Buddies 3:00-4:00

November 20

-4th Grade Virtual Field Trip 1:30-3:00
-Book Buddies 3:00-4:00

-Heritage Night 5:00-7:00

November 25

-2nd Grade to Frontier Culture Museum 8:30-2:40

-Spelling Bee 9:00

-First Grade Long Ago Day 1:00-2:30

November 26

-Crazy Hair Day