The Netherlands


Great news! 2013 is the year in which AIESEC The Netherlands will host the Western Europe and North America Leadership Development Seminar. This international conference will be extra special since it will be combined with the celebration of 65 years of AIESEC The Netherlands!

Quick facts


March 15th – day 0 and 65th celebration

March 16th-20th – Conference

March 21st-22nd – Study tour


The confernce itself will take place in Baarlo, while the 65th Celebration and the study tour will take you to amazing Amsterdam. Do you want to extend your WENA experience? Join the study tour and discover the red light district, Heineken beer, the old canals of Amsterdam and more (Price: approx. 65€, which includes accomodation, breakfast, lunch and sightseeing activities)


Who does not want to be part of an amazing international conference with 250 other delegates from about 25 different countries?! There are obviously many reasons to attend! You will get the chance to meet new people, develop as a leader, get empowered, dance roll-calls, attend the awesome parties and of course visit the Netherlands!


  • Driving behaviors and building the skills necessary to drive the achievement of AIESEC 2015 ambition on all levels in the WENA region;
  • Creating stronger and more effective network connections and collaboration among people and entities across WENA;
  • Providing spaces and education for leadership development of delegates as individuals inside and outside of AIESEC.


All EB currents and elects as well as LC members are welcome!


You can now pre-subscribe at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dGV4dUZUWkpZRVRSMTVJSVZaQS1KbHc6MQ

The first round of registrations will be during the 1st-14th of January and you can subscribe at the website: www.wenalds2013.com which will go online soon! For more information visit www.facebook.com/wenalds2013. The conference fee will be 198 euros which includes accomodation and meals.

WENA LDS 2013 The Netherlands