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FVES Family Newsletter, September 4, 2020

What We Need to Share...Straight From the Heart!

We are all adjusting and growing during this new time in history regarding learning outside of the school building. There are some lessons we have already learned and some items we would love to share and ask for your help with. All of the items shared below are from our staff as we navigate this territory together. We appreciate all you are doing to help us educate together!

  • Kids need their materials with them at all times (in a backpack or milk crate) beside their work area.
  • Practice with your child to stay on mute until asked to unmute. Students can do this independently K-5 if practiced!
  • Please help keep the distractions away while they are online. Learning is better when TVs are off, headphones on, the less movement and noise in the background the better!
  • Please encourage your child to work from a desk, table, or area that promotes attention and an upright position. Laying in bed learning is very difficult!
  • Make sure the adult or sibling with the learner knows that our schedule is all day- just like when school is physically in the building.
  • Help set up your child to be online ON TIME. Being on time sets the tone for the day.
  • Remember, teachers and other families can hear voices and noises from your computer, even when you may be having technical difficulties.
  • Refrain from coaching your child from the sidelines. We need to be able to get a clear picture of their learning and participation without the extra elbow and voice assistance.
  • Contact the county first with technical issues, the teacher is not able to stop all instruction to troubleshoot right then. (
  • Please talk with your daycare provider about the daily schedule for your child. We have seen children upset when they have to leave for an unscheduled break, we have seen kids need to stretch and wiggle and are not permitted to do so, we have have built in screen breaks and students are not being allowed to break. We are more than willing to assist with the communication, however, it means more coming from parents. Kids need time to move, stretch and wiggle. We do this each day to help student brains work their best!
  • Don't forget to read school/teacher communication. We have announcements in Google Classroom to be helpful to you and your child as well as other means to communicate.
  • Live teaching all morning means your child needs to be present. Children that pop on and off (not due to connectivity) are not receiving quality instruction and the instruction can not be recorded to watch later.
  • Please use the office hour your teachers provided to have your student ask questions during this time.
  • Our teachers are working early in the morning and planning into the evening. They are teaching all morning and have small groups in the afternoon. Please be patient with them as they can not respond super quickly to emails and phone calls. They are also not technical support gurus. They are trying to help in any way they can but also must use their time wisely for planning instruction.
  • Our new school year is NOT like the spring of 2020 at all. All learning can be new learning and is not optional.

A quiet, prepared learning area helps us most! We see how hard everyone is trying and want to thank and encourage you to keep it going and help us make it even better with the bullets above!

With Care,

The FVES School Family

Keep Up to Date With the Returning to School Website

WCPSS has the latest information for our families on the page. From resources regarding how much time your child will be working each day on school work to Special Education updates and Social-Emotional Learning while at home are just a few topics that are covered. Topics are added daily and updates are provided with dates.

Calling All Families!

We would love your help! As part of our day when we were at school, we started the day with the Pledge. If there are any interested families that would like to make a video of their family saying the Pledge of Allegiance for our school families to watch, please add your video to the Google Folder below if you are interested.

We will post these videos in our Google Classrooms only for student & FVES Family viewing and will not be posting the social media sites.

PTA Corner

Upcoming Meeting

Please join our PTA meeting on ZOOM, September 22nd @7:00 PM!

Meeting ID: 799 3920 0516
Passcode: h127ax

Positions and Help Needed

We still need a Treasurer ASAP, plus a membership chair, and a spirit wear chair if possible. We can also use all of the volunteers we can get! Please volunteer with your interests by clicking on this link !

Spirit Wear and Membership Payments

Get your FVES T-shirts for $12 and mask lanyards for sale for $5. Click here on our memberhub to order spirit items and/or pay for your PTA membership!

Resources to Support Instruction

Istation: The links below are shared to provide more information about your role in Istation administration at home.

Reading: Click here for a video and helpful vocabulary related to the area of reading.

Upcoming Dates

September 7- Labor Day- No School

September 22nd- PTA Meeting via ZOOM @7:00 PM