Uncle Tom's Cabin Newsletter

By: Cameron Strauss and James Larue

When reading Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, many issues can be observed which are very important to this country and what it believes in. A main problem that is brought to light is that by acting oblivious to something that is happening around us that is harming other people, we are essentially becoming hypocrites by not standing for what American citizens should stand for.
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Mislead Youth

Some people are even so hateful towards others that they teach their youth like relevant issues don't even exist, while the reality is happening right behind them.
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Because of misleading media images and portrayals of certain things, the reality of harsh situations is sometimes hidden from the public.

James Part A

I think one of the themes that can be seen is that not all people were necessarily pro slavery, but the vast majority agreed that there was no place for blacks in American society. This could be one of the reasons why nothing was done, despite a universal awareness of the atrocities taking place.

James Part B

One of the most surprising to me was a picture of both an African American child and a white child. The white child appeared to have almost a deceptive look on her face as if she supported slavery as if she were truly evil. It's interesting to see how slaveholders’ children were impacted by their exposure to slavery.

Cameron Part A

One little idea that i seen being thrown around is that African American slaves were not people, but simply figures that were useful to the white slave owners. Another little idea that can be seen through some of the findings is that the truth is often hidden from the public eye through methods of propaganda because the reality really came out in some of these works.

Cameron Part B

The most surprising aspect of the images to me was the fact that in most of them, the white people depicted look almost happy in some of them, and in the ones that they don't look happy in, they certainly look aggressive. How could someone be happy about what was going on.