The STEM Lab

Linton Elementary


January 2022

Exciting things continue to happen here in our STEM lab! Students continue to learn and explore what it means to be an engineer and how to use the engineering design process. The 4 C's to 21st century skills continue to be a driving force in the STEM lab:

Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity!

A special thank you to all of you who have donated cereal boxes, cardboard rolls, and plastic jugs. Your donation is very appreciated and will go a long way in our lab. No more donations are needed at this time.

Computer Science

Second through fifth grade dived into the world of Computer Science and Engineering. A computer engineer designs computer hardware and software and works to keep hardware and software running. They often work in a team setting innovating and problem solving.
Big picture
Why Programming Is Important?
The following are "Dance Party" coding projects programmed by two fifth graders in Ms. Ford's class! Click "RUN" to watch.
Students were also challenged to program their own version of the game Flappy Bird. The following are links to play some games programmed by Ms. Mendoza's class! Click "RUN" to play.


Our little Longhorns have taken a deeper look at the different types of engineers. They also learned how the steps of the Engineering Design Process helps identify problems and helps lead to viable solutions!

Student were challenged to make something new out of a recycled cereal box. Check out some of the creations below!