The Vampire Stalker

Yealie Turay

The Vampire Stalker - Allison Van Deipen

Amy-A sixteen-year old girl who is in love with the arrogant Alexander Banks from the Otherworld Series.

Alexander- A Vampire Stalker, whose main goal is to hunt and kill the vampire Vigo.

Hannah- A vampire who is Vigo’s sister and is in love with Alexander’s cousin, James

James- A human who is Alexander’s cousin and in love with Vigo’s sister Hannah

Vigo- A ruthless, psychotic, merciless vampire who’s main goal is to kill Alexander Banks and is the brother of Hannah.

Amy is in Love with the fictional Character from the Otherworld Series, Alexander Banks, a handsome, brooding vampire hunter. Amy wishes he was real, but he doesn’t exist! Until one night she when her fictional lover becomes a reality. Amy meets a boy who resembles a lot like Alexander Banks. Matter of fact, he is Alexander Banks. He’s not just from the pages of the Otherworld series. He’s the real deal and is on a pursuit to hunt for the vampire Vigo, a vampire who has crossed to Amy’s world and he has a thirst for attention and….. Murder. Amy struggles to try to figure out Alexander Bank’s arrival at her world while helping him hunt for Vigo, but as her attraction towards Alexander collide with danger, but the only at stake is both her heart and …..Her life.