"The Scarlet Ibis "

By:Kimberley Hinojosa


This short story took place during the time period when president wilson was still president in 1912.The story takes place in a shothern beachy town which could probebly take place in "Myrtle Beach."


The characters in this story are Doodle,the brother,mom.and dad. What's really funny is that we dont know what the "brothers"name is in the book.But we know that he was the oldest sibling.So the main characters are a family of 4 or 5.Also the aunt would come and visit them too.

conflict & Theme

The conflict of this story is that "the brother"doesnt like Doodle at all because he is different and isnt the brother he always wanted.He makes doodle walk,swim,etc things that kids like dodle cannot do.Doodles body is so tired he cant take it anymore and he dies.


The theme of this story is "Dont be selfish with the most beautiful thing that god gave you."

Quote & Figurative language


She said he would live because he was born in a caul and caul's are made from jesus' night gown.

FIgurative Language

Metaphor-There is within me...a knot of cruelty born by the steam of love...

Personification-I pulled the go cart through the sawtooth fern,down in to the green dimness where the palmeto fronds whispered by the stream.