Moodle MOOC 21

Learn, Collaborate, Share (May 1-31, 2021)

Moodle MOOC 21 (MM21) is a free hands-on 4-week online course from May 1-31, 2021.

Members of Moodle MOOC 21 learn about and implement resources, activities, blocks and other plugins available on the Moodle. They collaborate as managers on a team course and as managers of a new Moodle site. Members of MM21 learn to teach online, create and edit video tutorials using a free tool called Screencast-o-matic, Awesome Screenshot, or Vimeo Screen Recorder. The tasks require the participants to demonstrate and sustain learning by creating videos as they explore each activity, resource, block, and other features available on Moodle. The MOOC includes weekly digital badges and a final certificate.

Through teamwork, members engage in peer teaching, peer learning, collaboration, and community building. The course is based on a peer teaching system I developed during my 40 years of face-to-face and 30 years of online teaching. I call it Teaching as a Way to Learn.

Both beginners and advanced Moodlers will gain a great deal from the course.

You're all invited to experience Moodle, teamwork, and teaching online.