By: Samantha Ochoa

Where it all started

 When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was score. Now my trainer, Jeremiah, recognizes my potential and passion to score so, each time I go in the game I play either Wing Striker or Target Striker. I love playing the position.

Putting your team ahead

      When I play the Wing Striker for my team, I am in a crossing position most of the time. When crossing, you want to get the ball up in the air going across the goal to the other Wing Striker. First, to get the ball into the air, you get your foot under the ball and you have to have enough power to get the ball across the goal. Second, when you kick the ball to go across the goal, you need to make sure that your foot comes across your body too; and that’s how you cross the ball.

Rewards come along the way

Finishing, you try to finish the opportunity your teammates put you in. So, on a cross you can either volley or head the ball into the goal. If the ball bounces off of another player you can get the rebound and finesse the ball into the goal also.Either way it's a win-win situaton.

Learning on the field

Wing Striker on my team is a tough job, if try hard enough you get a goal here and there, if you don’t try then why even play?


Make your good your better and your better your BEST.