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September 11, 2020

Principal Post

Happy Friday! Another great week under our belts. It will be a rude awakening when we have a five day week next week, but I feel confident that we can power through and have another fantastic week at Lincoln.

I was in a PD last night with principals and listening to the struggles that many other schools are facing as we continue on this education/Covid journey this year. Many of the things that they are going through are similar to what we have experienced. I was shocked to hear about the multiple options of instructional delivery that the teachers in other districts have to address. Many are teaching face to face, while teaching virtually at the same time and doing this with a hybrid schedule. Talk about making your head spin! I am grateful that we have the ability to just focus on either F2F or Virtual and not have to do them simultaneously. Sure we are keeping our canvas courses running behind the scenes, but we aren't trying to do both at the same time.

I think that our long standing (OK, 3 years standing) structure and routine has helped us tremendously. Being predictable and having set language, protocols, and procedures for how we address all sorts of things in our building has helped. One positive thing that our behavior team has discovered is that we can go deeper with our discussions on Zones. We are really making great strides with our students understanding empathy, regulating their emotions, and knowing that learning--not shenanigans--is a priority at Lincoln. With these tools in all of our tool belts, we are finding that we can quickly and successfully make create positive and supportive environments for learning.

As I've visited classrooms over the past two weeks, it has been really wonderful to see the great work happening in your rooms. Caring, nurturing environments where the focus is on learning, being kind to one another, and making Lincoln the "best place in town."

Thank you for all that you have done this week and will continue to do. I'm so proud of each of you in your strong support of our students through the roles each of you play here at Lincoln.

Video Reminders:

Thank you for contributing to the video repository. Please send YouTube links of your videos to Pam or Emily and/or assigned InDeS for your grade level. If you need additional support or have questions regarding video creation, please let Shasta know. Below are the videos being created by Lincoln the next two weeks. Please work as a team to decide who will make the videos. RCL teachers working at school can also be included in video creation.

Week of Sept 21-Sept 25: Submit videos by Wednesday, Sept 16

Kindergarten ELA

3rd Grade ELA (partnered with Adams)

5th Grade ELA (partnered with Johnson)

Week of Sept 28-Oct 2: Submit videos by Wednesday, 23

1st Grade ELA

4th Grade Math (partnered with Washington)

Professional Development

An UPDATED Professional Learning Log has been placed in the shared drive. The link that document is here. There needed to be a few changes in dates from the one that I sent our earlier in the week. Please consider the following as you create your professional learning plan for the year:

  • Please remember, that we will have only one faculty meeting a month, because the expectation is that all teachers are attending district sponsored PD at least once a month. This would include grade level collaborative, support PD for HMH, PD on Number Talks, How to give a DRA, and any other topic provided by KCS. We must be up to date with practices within our district. If you are a veteran teacher and haven't attended something to refresh or hone your skills on DRA I would suggest you attend that. Or if you want to get better at number talks--even though you've done them for years--I suggest you go. There is always something new to learn.

  • If you would like to attend a webinar, or other PD outside of KCS, please make time to talk to Suzanne/Jennifer before you register so we can talk about the PD and how it fits into your PD plan for the year and your professional growth.
  • Please see the KCS Professional Development Calendar for the 2020-2021 school year as you are planning out your professional growth opportunities this year. We will also try to add events from this calendar to the master calendar too to remind folks of these opportunities.

Bus Duty

We have successfully completed our first week of bus duty. The buses continue to arrive quickly, which is exciting! Please be mindful of your bus duty day and the location. Bus 7 is housed in the Art room, and bus 02 is in Ms. Wyatt's room. Bus duty begins at 3:45. Please see the link below for your assigned day and location. When your bus has been picked up, please go to the other room to help your teammate until the other bus arrives. There is a roster of bus riders in the plastic container by the door. Thank you again for all that you do. Bus Duty

Roaring Readers

We have already completed the first month of Roaring Readers! Please update the spreadsheet under your name by typing an "M" next to the student's name if he or she met their goal for the month. Please type an "A" next to the student's name if the student went above and beyond their goal for the month. We want to celebrate our ROARING READERS! Also, the tentative celebrations page is still being updated.

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All - please complete EasyCBM screenings and DRA by September 18th so we can meet on September 22nd for MTSS (New RTI) meetings.

We will have our first MTSS Data Conference day to refine our MTSS groups and to add to them with our new data.

Faculty Meeting -Monday, September 14

We will meet on Monday to start planning for and wrapping our heads around virtual parent engagement opportunities for the year. We will focus on these four committees, ELA, Math, Science, and Fall Festival during Monday's meeting. While not all of you are on each of these committees we will divide our group into these four groups so some of you may be a visitor to a group to support some brainstorming tomorrow. Our collective brain power will be better than us as individuals. We will start in the auditorium, but can divide into other classrooms/groups for discussion and planning as needed. Please bring your computer with you to the meeting. We will have virtual opportunities for those who are not at school at the moment so they too can participate. We will start at 3:50.


Jennifer and I will start observing F2F teachers next week. We are still getting guidance on the best way to provide supportive feedback to our RCL teachers. As we get information I will share with everyone. Our first round of observations will mostly be unannounced and focusing on instruction and environment. Those who need more than one observation in the fall semester we will reach out to plan for your pre-conference, observation, and post conference. This is the same procedure that we have followed in the past three years. If you have questions please ask.
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Lincoln's Playground Project Fundraiser

UPDATE!! Long sleeve shirts are now available!

Looking for some GREAT Lincoln SWAG that also supports our playground fundraiser? Look no further than this site:

Get your 100 years commemorative shirts, mugs, yard signs and car stickers here! Proceeds go to our new playground! Don't miss out on these awesome buys!!


BOE Policy 3.202 requires a lockdown drill within the first 30 days of the school year. We will modify this drill to respect the challenges of our COVID safety measures while still having an opportunity to review lockdown expectations.

On this day, please do the following:

  1. Review procedures with your students
  2. Have students remain in their seats during our practice drill. Admin will still go around and check areas and classrooms for locked doors.

Lockdown/Intruder (to protect building occupants from potential dangers)

When the announcement is made:
  • Students are to be cleared from the halls immediately and to report to the nearest available classroom
  • Assist those needing special assistance
  • Close and lock all windows and doors and do not leave for any reason even if the fire alarm goes off
  • Cover all room and door windows
  • Stay away from all doors and windows and move students to interior walls
  • Shut off lights, remain QUIET! and wait for further instructions

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Gift from Dr. Moorhouse

Dr. Moorhouse has gotten all of us a surprise gift (pictures above) deadline for ordering is Wednesday, September 16 at 11:55 p.m. This gift is for ALL KSC employees so make sure that you order one!

Please take note that SROs, custodians, SNS workers, and nurses will select their school location they are housed in - they are not listed out separately. System-wide employees will be listed with ASC.

Shirts will be delivered to your location the week of October 19th.

Order form:

Requests to Transition between RCL and F2F

The end of the nine weeks is Oct. 9th. If families wish to switch their learning module, from RCL to F2F or from F2F to RCL, they have to do so in writing by the end of the school day on Oct. 2nd. This can be an email or a written note to Jim Nash. They may begin making requests as early as September 14th.

Picture Day Schedule

Please take note of the schedule for F2F students to get their pictures taken (see below). We are focusing on F2F students in the morning and will have opportunities for our RCL students to come in to the building in the afternoon. Please make sure you are on time and ready to go at the time indicated on the schedule. NOTE THAT ANYONE ARRIVING TO YOUR CLASSROOM AFTER YOUR TIME FOR PICTURES HAS COME AND GONE MAY STILL GET THEIR PHOTO TAKEN AT 10:40.

Remote choice learners will be photographed from 11:30-2:30 so all F2F students MUST be photographed before that time.

Schedule is located here


We are currently accepting applications for teachers who would like to use the full content in Nearpod as an instructional tool in the 2020-21 school year. We have expanded our number of full-content licenses and are looking for more teachers to take advantage of this powerful feedback tool. We'll contact all selected users with directions on how to set up your account and the next steps for Canvas integration.

To apply, please complete this Google Form (click here)!

PLC--Week of September 14th

If you have not already, please be sure to notify Shasta of what your team would like to focus on during your meeting on Tuesday. We already know that grades K-2 will be receiving PD on the tablets from Christian.

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