Choose Joy!

Week of October 26, 2020

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2C - Art

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Kindergarten Apple Tasting

Valeda House

Mme Gravelle is accepting a certificate of thanks on behalf of OLA for our continued support and partnership with Valeda House and Catholic Social Services. Thank you to Elk Island Catholic Schools for initiating and continuing this beautiful partnership!

The students were very excited to see Mme Gravelle as they watched the virtual mass from their classrooms.

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Thanksgiving Virtual Mass

3SK was able to celebrate the virtual mass in our Chapel at OLA.

Three-Way Learning Conferences

On Tuesday, November 3rd from 4:00 – 7 pm and Thursday, November 5th from 4:00 – 7:00 pm we will be hosting Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences to celebrate your child’s growth and learning since September.

These Three-Way Conferences are an integral part of your child’s progress. Parent engagement and participation in a child’s education has powerfully positive impacts on successful learning and growing. We look forward to you embracing the opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning progress so far this year.

All conferences will be facilitated virtually, through Google Meets. The Google Meet link will be emailed to you the week of these 3-Way Conferences. Thank you for checking your junk/spam folders.

School Interview Bookings site is open.

How to Book Your Conference

Conferences can be booked online at Please follow these simple instructions to book a time convenient for your family.

  1. Go to

  2. Select the “MAKE A BOOKING” button on the top right-hand corner of the page

  3. Enter the OLA event code: gcb2p and press “GO”

  4. Enter your details

  5. Select the teachers you wish to see

  6. Select the appointment times that suit your family best

  7. Click “FINISH”

Your conference timetable will be emailed to you automatically. (If you do not receive your email immediately please check your junk mail folder.) You can return to at any time to change your conference times until the bookings close at 3:00 pm on November 2nd; please remember to use the same name and email address you used for your original booking. Parents wishing to change their conference times after the closing date should contact Mrs. Desaulniers in the office at 780-998-3716 before 3:45pm of the day of your conference.

Please note the following for Music & Drama, 1MW and Kindergarten:

  • Additional Kindergarten times have been added Thursday, November 5th from 8:45 am - 3:15 pm.

  • Both Mrs. Weller and Mrs. Martinez will conference with you and your child together.

  • Mrs. Lukie (Music & Drama) will be available for interview times Thursday evening.

If you require any assistance please contact Mrs. Desaulneirs and she will be happy to assist you in booking your conferences.

We are excited to meet with you to celebrate your child’s learning!

Yours in Christ,

The OLA Learning Team

This week @ OLA

October 26 - October 30

  • Digital Learning Portfolios will be available for viewing this week via your child's Google Classroom Account. Google Classroom...What's that? Please connect with your child to have them share with you what they know about it. After that, you're invited to connect with your child's homeroom teacher for guidance to join the Google Classroom.
  • The Learning Portfolios will facilitate conversations at the Virtual Three Way Conferences next week and to celebrate your child's learning as well as to set goals for continued growth. Thank you for taking time to review your child's growth and learning before the conferences. Thank you also for booking your conference with your child's teacher.

Monday, October 26

  • Choosing Joy today!

  • OLA Student Services Team Meeting Today - Ensuring children succeed at OLA

Tuesday, October 27

  • A great day to learn and grow together!

Wednesday, October 28

  • More spectacular learning and growing!
  • Virtual Video Morning Announcements today - and every Wednesday!

Thursday, October 29

  • A great day to be in community together!

Friday, October 30

  • Friyay! Where will you Choose Joy today?
  • Halloween Celebrations 12:30 pm - 3:19 pm

Saturday, October 31

  • Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 1

  • Daylight Saving Time End - Turn your clocks back 1 hour
  • All Souls Day - Praying for all those who are journeying to Heaven.


To see what is up and coming even further ahead, please visit our website calendar.

You can view our Kindergarten Calendar here.

Halloween Party Update

Please click here for information from Alberta Health to keep you and your family healthy and safe this Halloween.

Specific information about how your child's class will be celebrating will be communicated from your child's homeroom class. A few things to help make it safe for everyone:

  • Please leave all props or weapons at home
  • Costumes will be donned just after lunch, and children must be capable of putting on their own costumes (Kinders wear their costumes all day). Feel free to do hair/makeup at home prior to the start of school.
  • After great discussion with our School Council at our October Council meeting, we collectively decided it is in the best interest of children's health and wellness for them to bring in their own special snacks for their In-Class Halloween parties. Thank you for not bringing any food to be distributed to the children in the class.
  • OLA School Council will be preparing a Halloween treat bag for each OLA student for their Halloween Parties. Theses treat bags will be compiled under the strictest protocols, and will arrive at school one full week before delivery.
  • There may be a Cohorted Distanced Halloween Dance outside (inside if it's too cold) before recess in the afternoon, and in-class celebrations/activities after their afternoon recess.

Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour

Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Masks @ OLA

To keep our OLA community safe and well, masks continue to be mandatory for all staff and grade 4 students and they are they are highly encouraged to be worn throughout the day for children in Kindergarten to grade 3.

To assist in your child's learning, teachers have the opportunity to work in small groups with your child. During these sacred times, its important that masks be worn to mitigate transmission risks. Thank you for working with your child to ensure they bring their masks to school and wear them during the day, especially during music class and during small group learning time.

Social Distancing - 2 Meters

Social Distancing can be difficult. What does 2 meters really look like?

Here Mme. Gravelle and Mrs. Lukie show us what 2 meters looks like using Lightsabers.

This is a great reminder as to how far 2 meters actually is.

Great Job OLA staying safe and social distancing!

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2C Learning about Temperature and Thermometers. They really work!

Water Bottles

Drinking water regularly helps children's brains and bodies work at their best. Our water fountains are closed, and our water bottle filling stations remain open. Thank you for helping your child come to school with a pre-filled re-usable water bottle. Should they need a refill (Yeah!!) they are welcome to use the water bottle filling stations.

Thank you for encouraging your child to bring their water bottle home each day for washing.

School Fees

School fees have now been added to your PowerSchool ParentPortal and are now due. Payment can be made by debit or credit card by visiting your PowerSchool account.

Field trip: to date all field trips involving bussing are cancelled. Virtual field trips and walking trips may still occur. Once these have been finalized we will share the field trip fee for payment

If the paying of fees is a financial difficulty you may be eligible for the EICS Fee Waiver Program. A fee waiver form can be found here or on the EICS website. The deadline for applications is December 13, 2020.

All unpaid fees by March 1, 2021 may be sent to a collections agency. Please reach out if you have difficulty paying your child's school fees before December 1, 2020.

Kindergarten Movement Breaks

2C Learning about Temperature and Thermometers continued

Helping our students Blossom!

A special thank you to those who support our teachers and students to help them grow and blossom! Thank you to Mrs. VanEngelen, Mrs. Gingras, Mrs. Liber, Miss Visser, Mrs. Desaulniers, Mrs. Gordon, Mr. Limon, Mrs. Buban and & Mrs. Heesing. OLA is blessed to have you sprinkling us with joy and love so we can bloom into the beautiful gifts we are!

Quotes of the Week

Supervisor: "Hi buddy aren’t you cold and don’t you have any ski pants?"

Student: "Well my mom didn’t think it was cold enough for them but I am cold and I don’t see her out here."

In the hallway with a grade 3 student:

"Mme Gravelle, my parents told me I needed to tell you this joke!"

"Bring it on! I love jokes!"

"Two cats had a swimming race. One cat's name was 1,2,3. The other cat's name was un, deux trois. Who won the race?"

"I haven't a clue! Who?"

"1,2,3 because un deux trois quatre cinq!
"AHA!! un, deux, trois, Cat sank!! That's fantastic!"

First Communion and Reconciliation

If you would like your child to receive their First Communion this year and they have not yet celebrated their First Reconciliation, please contact the OLA Parish office at 780-998-3288 to make an appointment to meet with Father Kris.

First Eucharist Registration Form & First Eucharist Brochure

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Updated Alberta Health Documents

Student Illness and your Child's Learning

If your child is home with these symptoms:

  • Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath or difficulty breathing, Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Chills Painful swallowing, Stuffy Nose, Headache, Muscle or joint aches, Feeling unwell, fatigue or severe exhaustion, Gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or unexplained loss of appetite), Loss of sense of smell or taste, Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye.

Please email Mrs. Desaulniers, and cc: your child's homeroom teacher to share what symptoms your child is experiencing as well as an approximate date for your child's return so we can plan for your child's learning and growing in Literacy and Numeracy while away.

Forms to Complete

Please take the time to sign into your PowerSchool account and review the following items.

  • Demographic Forms
  • Student Consent Forms

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Desaulniers at 780-998-3716. She is happy to help!

Want to Help?

Looking to purge a little? A little fall cleaning?

OLA is in search of shelving units like the one on the right for our children to put boots on. If you happen to have one that is sturdy (it doesn't have to be pretty) that casters can be put on - please connect with Mme Gravelle at

We continue to welcome donations such as:

  • Scrabble letter squares
  • Magnetic letters
  • Chalk board erasers
  • Books for our Grade 4 Classroom Library

Building Our Bank of Decodable Books

-There are some kids who could sit at a piano and play Fur Elise without much difficulty, but those children are the exception. Most kids just don’t learn that way.

-Reading is the same. Some kids will do well if you simply read to them. It seems as if by osmosis they learn to read. However, most kids are not like that. They learn best when they start playing games to learn about rhymes, letter sounds, syllables, and words. Then they are taught a few letters and sounds and helped to sound out using these combinations. As they learn the connections between speech sounds and print, they are ready for books with words that have those letters and those sounds.

-Decodable books are books that follow the rules. They can be sounded out by anyone who has been taught the sounds and letters that are used in that book. Systematic, sequential decodable books are a series of books that add a few more sound-letter correspondences in each subsequent book, or group of books, of that series.

-Of course, kids need to be immersed in books from the time they are infants. They need parents who read language-rich books with interesting characters that take them on amazing adventures. Children need library story time and books filled with pictures where they can imagine the stories even before they can read the words. Many kids love audio books that have paper books where they can follow along with the words as they listen to the book.

-In time, children will no longer need to read decodable books. They will have gained the skills to read books that do not attempt to control spelling patterns. They will simply read what is in front of them and have the skills to master new words. And that is the goal of decodable books: to help new readers and children with dyslexia master printed words and become fluent readers. They are a tool for learning to read and will eventually become a fond memory.

Strengthening children's literacy skills continues to be one of our top priorities at OLA, and we continue to focus on research based learning strategies to guide our practices.

OLA is aiming to build our back of decodable books to support our early and struggling readers and we can use your help!

We welcome donations to the school (a tax receipt can be provided for donations over $25). We invite parents who are connected to organizations or grants that may be able to help us build our bank to support our developing readers.

Please connect with Mme Gravelle or Mrs. Weller if you wish to donate, or would like to partner to bring this to fruition at OLA.

And...thank you for your continued support!!

What are decodable books? Click here for a few examples.

Thank you

We truly appreciate all your donation to our school. These sturdy step ladders were generously donated to keep our staff safe! Thank you SO much!!!
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OLA School Council News

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To connect with your OLA School Council, please email

See you at our next meeting, on Tuesday, November17th @ 7:00pm.

Google Meet link will be shared with you that day.

Looking Ahead...

November 2-6, 2020

  • Power Option Selections this week

November 3, 2020

  • Three Way Conferences via Google Meet

November 4, 2020

  • Early Dismissal - 2:19 p.m.
  • School Spirit Theme - Jersey Day!

November 5, 2020

  • Three Way Conferences via Google Meet
  • Kindergarten Three Way Conferences via Google Meet during the day

November 6, 2020

  • Remembrance Day Virtual Celebration @ 11:00am via Google Meet

November 9 - 13, 2020

  • Fall Break - School Closed

November 16

  • Welcome Back!
  • Welcome Back to Online Learners and Kinder students returning to OLA
  • Cohort Virtual Assemblies

November 17, 2020

  • School Council Virtual Meeting 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

November 23, 2020

  • Picture retake day and M/W Kindergarten class Photos

We are So Close!

The playground society is $10,000-$15,000 from our final goal to get a playground at JP2 for current and upcoming students and we need your help!!

Please keep all your recyclables for our bottle drive fundraiser.

November 8th 11-3 pm

If you can volunteer to pick up bottles or hand out flyers ahead of the day please connect with Sam Ledrew at .

WHEN: SUNDAY, November 8th 11:00-3

WHERE: JP2 bus loop (9975-93 ave)

WHO: Everyone! Please share with your friends and family on social media.

WHAT DO I DO WHEN I ARRIVE?: Because of Covid-19 we will be asking that drivers pull up to the side of the trailer and stay in the vehicle we will take the bottles out of your truck or trunk. Once we are done we will step away and wave :) If you would rather take it out of your vehicle please exit your vehicle and let us know and we will remain 6 feet away for your protection.


Besides sharing your bottles with us, we are looking for drivers to do collections starting at 10am. People will place their bottles at the edge of their driveways for a fast and easy pick up. Once you have a full load we would unload from the truck or van at the school.


If you can't make it during that time but have bottles you can do one of two things:

  1. Anytime Sunday before 3 drop off your bottles on the sidewalk of the bus loop.
  2. Anytime before Sunday email or text 780-722-4442 with your address and let us know you have bottles you need picked up!


Your FSCSPS Chairs

Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education (GrACE)

Like their facebook page for excellent information and support for our Catholic Faith and your family.


We appreciate how challenging it is for you to keep your child at home when they experience symptoms, and keep them home until symptoms resolve and Covid tests results have been returned. We understand that having children stay home has impacts that are far reaching and sometimes complicated - many OLA staff are parents too, navigating the same guidelines. We also understand how much we want to cheat.

Thank you for keeping us informed as to how your child is progressing while at home. Many Grade 1 - 4 teacher have or are working towards creating Google Classrooms for your child, complete with classroom communication and learning activities to do at home. Thank you for connecting with your child for help to access your child's Google Classroom or connect with their teacher via email by clicking here.

We are in this together!