Bryant's Newsletter

Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking

Today's Date: 4/10/16


14- Kindergarten Program 6:30


23—Fun Night


3-Texas Roadhouse Night

5- Morning with Mom 8:00-8:30

6- Kindergarten Field Trip to Wild Animal Safari

5-Sky Zone Night

2-6—Teacher Appreciation Week

16-Field Day

17- Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony @ 2:00

19-Last Day- School releases at 1:20

Some of this Week's Learning:

Language Arts- Guided Reading, Predicting and Connections in Read aloud books, Sight words, and differentiated word sorts

Math- Problem solving with 2D shapes, chapter 11 test, and beginning chapter 12- 3D shapes with cubes and spheres.

Writing- Letters, Fiction, and Narratives. Grammar, editing, and spelling.

Science- Changes in plants throughout the seasons

Health- Begin memorizing our phone number and address

Math Support Needed

On Thursday, we will begin Chapter 12 in our math book covering 3 dimensional shapes. We will be studying spheres, cubes, cylinders, and cones. I would like to create a 3D shape museum in our classroom with the aforementioned 4 shapes in real world objects (tissue boxes, cans, balls, etc). If you could help your child gather one of each of the four shapes from around your house and send them to school by Monday, April 18th, I would be so grateful.
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This week in health we will begin to work on memorizing our phone numbers. I would love to know what phone number you would like your child to memorize; or at least which one first. Mom's cell, dad's cell, or a house phone. Please send me an email, message via FB, or a note in your child's binder with the phone number you'd like for us to work on first. Thanks!
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"Swamped" the Musical

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Our kindergarten musical "Swamped" will be on Thursday, April 14th. The show will begin at 7:00. You may bring your child to our classroom at 6:45. The children who were assigned a speaking part are working on their costumes (those parents have been emailed). If your child does not have a speaking part, please dress them in denim (shorts, jeans, or skirt) and their red "Kindergarten Rocks" T-shirt. After the program your child will wait with me on the risers until they spot you. If they head toward you and lose sight of you, they will be instructed to come back to me to start over.

Morning with Mom

Thursday, May 5th, 8am

2101 West Farm Road 182

Springfield, MO

Morning with mom is a chance for your child to thank you for all you (moms) do to make their life so great. This event is before the students come to the classroom so that if there are moms that are unable to attend, those children will not feel left out. Grandmas can also step in and fill mom's shoes. We will have our "school made" gift and some other special treats. Dads, if we were in school in June we'd gladly host a special morning for you as well.