Your library became Freytastic

What Mrs. Frey accomplished in six months

Salmon River Middle School

Collection and circulation

More students are checking out books.

Average number of items checked out:

Jan-May, 2012: 9 per day, 152 per month

Jan-May, 2013: 16 per day, 266 month

Average number of users:

Jan-May, 2012: 152 per month

Jan-May, 2013: 266 per month

The online catalog has more uses and looks better.

The library's online catalog underwent many changes:

  • Rearranged homepage to improve appearance
  • Edited and added new pathfinders for content-area projects
  • Added library news, including contests and programs
  • Added relevant, interesting links, including games, news sites, and more

Improvements to the collection:

  • Finalized budget and orders for 2012-2013 year
  • Created book purchases to focus on Common Core-aligned nonfiction and high-interest graphic novels
  • Designated space for graphic novels and comics to allow for easier browsing
  • Led students in creating signs for nonfiction areas

Serious about fiction series

  • Purchased titles missing from popular fiction series
  • Created displays for popular fiction series
  • Created digital and print lists of popular fiction series to allow for easier access to "what comes next"
  • Labelled books' spines with series numbers

Curriculum Support

  • Integrated content-area curriculum into 6th and 7th grade library skills courses
  • Created pathfinders for research projects
  • Hosted content-related contests
  • Shared ideas for using library resources in instruction through distribution of monthly newsletters
  • Provided support for study hall students completing assignments
  • Assisted teachers in locating and integrating print and digital library resources into units of study
  • Managed facility usage of library spaces, including the library, computer lab, and office
  • Led content-area classes in conducting research in the library
  • Encouraged participation in the 25 Book Campaign through the creation and distribution of library book campaign logs


Library Club

  • Selected titles for monthly book picks to suit students' interests and ability levels (using Lexiles) based on monthly theme
  • Created displays for each month's selections
  • Promoted participation through advertisements (print, digital, announcements) and prizes
  • Participation has grown steadily since its adoption in February, with a current average of 15 participants each month

Spring Book Fair

Story Laboratory

  • Collaborated with teachers to create interactive displays and centers
  • Hosted daily and grand prize drawings, providing students with books
  • Allocated library funds to teachers to use in rewarding "super reader" students with book fair gift certificates
  • Recorded the biggest profit in fair history with nearly $2,000 in sales
  • Purchased 160 new titles for collection, relying on students' recommendations

Staff Reads Program

  • Selected Sticks and Stones by Emily Bazelon for the first Staff Reads Program
  • Promoted participation through advertisements (print, digital, staff meeting sales pitches)
  • Created digital discussion guides, used to foster the exchange of responses and ideas
  • Coordinated e-meeting with author

Contests and celebrations

Doodle 4 Google Contest:

  • Created advertisements (print, digital, announcements) for national contest
  • Created display for contest details and entries
  • Submitted students' entries

National Library Week:

  • Created daily drawings and grand prize book giveaway to provide students with books
  • Led students in the redesign of the national library symbol, displaying over twenty variations

National Poetry Month:

  • Advertised and promoted national poetry contest
  • Created interactive poetry centers for students to read, analyze, and write poems
  • Participated in National Poem in Your Pocket Day, offering students pocket poems, and sharing my favorite poem with patrons

National Screen-Free Week:

  • Created screen-free library centers
  • Distributed information regarding the effects of reducing screen-free time (print, digital, announcements)

Book Giveaway:

  • Provided students and staff with free books, discarded from the library's collection

Representing the library

In the building and district:

  • Attended school wide and grade level staff meetings
  • Logged over fifteen hours of mentoring with Salmon River Elementary librarian
  • Met with other district librarians during the May conference day
  • Created a coupon exchange for the faculty room
  • Participated in the All-Night Grad Party's donkey basketball game
  • Participated in Class Olympics
  • Attended school functions including drama productions, award ceremonies, and more

In the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES:

  • Attended FEH School Library System spring liaison meeting
  • Reviewed nine books ahead of the September deadline for the 2013 fall book review

In the professional community:

  • Published article in the May/June American Association of School Librarian's journal, Knowledge Quest
  • Participated in webinars conducted by ALA and AASL

But what about next year?

Looking ahead

I'm working hard to ensure the library is in great shape for the 2013-2014 year.

Created budgets and book orders for 2013-2014, using:
  • Teacher requests
  • Common Core standards and recommended texts
  • Reviews from national organizations and publications, including AASL and School Library Journal

Completed collection analysis:

  • Surveyed every title for status, condition, and value, removing items no longer needed in the collection
  • Set goals for collection development

Organized library program space and files:

  • Reorganized the Interlibrary Loan manual for easier usage and less paper consumption, adding relevant "how-to" documents
  • Reorganized library office space to allow for more storage
  • Created a file system for the library file drawers
  • Filed copies of all of my lesson plans and materials for the incoming librarian