Fire and Ice- Robert Frost

~Chris Vera

What it means!

This poem is about how the world could end by either fire or ice. What I think he means by fire is a very chaotic ending, involving weapons of mass destruction. The other way is ice. What I think he means by ice is the hatred of mankind towards one another, and the isolation that we would make between ourselves.

Literary element

One major literary technique that is used in this poem is a metaphor. It is used when mentioning fire and ice. The way the metaphors are used, you can interpret it in many ways. One is fire could be interpreted as hate, and ice as the weapons of mass destruction. It's a matter of perpective.

Why I liked it

I really liked this poem because it makes a lot of sense. Humankind are really good at hating each other and fighting, but just as good at isolating themselves and ignoring each other. It's two of maybe the only two ways humankind will be destroyed. I really liked this poem because it spoke the truth.