Drones & Robots

What Will The Future Be Like?

Concern 1) drones

Although there are many advantages to having a speedy Amazon drone deliver orders to your area, I have some concerns about the robotic functions. But first I would like to state a few of the helpful tools that come with the making of a delivery drone. Such as: faster delivery, and easier ordering. The down side may include: troubling weather effecting your purchase quality. Also animals could make a big difference, such as if they get frazzled with the sounds or sight of a flying robot landing on the porch. Even birds messing with its flight pattern in the air, or the drone causing life threatening challenges to the animals that try to protect their families from it.


One fascinating helper bot around the home for you could be the "vacuum with a brain". It has a mind of its own as it memorizes the layout of your home, and trundling around picking up every speck in its path. Another rad robot is called Spykee, and is wifi friendly as it protects the family it is being cared for by. Spykee can use its built in servalence to defend the family, make calls, text, pick up around the house, take pictures, and record video all on voice command.

Linsey Ward