Technology Summer Changes

A lot has happened since you've been away!

Adobe CC

Adobe made Adobe CC available for free during COVID and this service will no longer be available as of August 31st, 2021. If you use Adobe Acrobat DC, note that an Adobe CC license is required for you to continue using this program; please contact the Service Desk if you are in need of a license. Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded from your Software Center.

This product will still be automatically available to those in select courses such as CATE.

Apple Devices Now Manageable

The Technology Division now supports and manages Apple products such as Macbooks, iMacs, & iPads. iMac and Macbook will now be a part of our Tech Standards list. If you find that it's in your budget, you may purchases apple devices for your staff. Currently, we cannot service any damaged devices in-house, and in the event of a device needing a repair, you may find yourself without your device for an extended period of time.

Chromebook Login Change for Students

The district is now one-to-one with Chromebooks and the Chromebook will no longer wipe student data when the lid is closed. This change should help increase the overall performance of the device. If prompted, after a password change you will need to select "forgot password" or type in your old password to continue.

Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions now need to go through the software approval process. This also applies to free Chrome extensions and themes. You can find the currently approved extensions by visiting the Chrome Web Store and viewing the "For Denton ISD" section. Only approved Chrome extensions will be available on district devices.

Desktop Folders

OneDrive is now syncing your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders. These folders will still be stored on your local machine but you will also see them in your One Drive. This feature is for staff only.

Email Changes

There are a few changes coming to your mailbox.

  • Emails marked as Marketing, Social Media, or Bulk will no longer be quarantined. These emails will still be scanned for malware and evaluated by Microsoft. Emails from outside of the district will still have a caution tag but allow you to choose if you'd like to continue receiving them rather than just going straight to quarantine without your knowing.
  • We now provide a Safe Unsubscribe button that allows you to safely unsubscribe from emails you don't wish to receive anymore. No more scrolling to the bottom of the page and highlighting text to find that "unsubscribe here" button that's almost impossible to click if you're on your phone.


GoGuardian web-filtering is no longer available as a service. You will still be able to monitor students in class, but will no longer be able to request any type of reports for a device. Our primary web filter will still be Cisco Umbrella. GoGuardian Teacher will still be available for staff.

New Software Approval Process

We are now using Laserfiche for all software approvals. There is now a software approval button that links to the new Laserfiche form if you find yourself still going to HEAT to submit. Please visit the Software Approval Page on our website for more info.

parent and student help desk

We now have a Student/Parent Help Desk in addition to our Technology Service Desk. You will still call 1234 for both services but may be redirected depending on your input. The Parent Help Desk will provide support for students and parents. Parents will be prompted to enter their child's student ID number when they call. This service will be provided throughout the school year.

The Student/Parent Hotline will be provided for the first 10 days of school. This will be a large Help Desk that will provide first-level support for incidents occurring at the beginning of the school year. The Student Help Desk can be reached by dialing 940-369-0385 and 0390 for the Spanish line.

  • Student/Parent Hotline: A large call center for the first 10 days of school to assist parents that need general information, experience technical issues, or need direction for student services. English: 0385 | Spanish: 0390
  • Student/Parent Help Desk: A year-round service much like our Service Desk but dedicated and specialized for servicing parents and students. Ext: 1234
  • Service Desk: A year-round service that provides technical assistance for Teachers and staff. Ext: 1234

Schedule Changes

Schedules changes can take up to 72 hours to be reflected in Canvas, SeeSaw, and other rostered applications. From the time a schedule change is made in TAC, it can be up to 24 hours to be fully reflected in eSchool. Then it could take another 24 hours to appear in ClassLink. Some of our application vendors only pull once a day, which is why it could take another 24 hours for changes to reflect in those applications.

Skype is Transitioning to Teams

Microsoft Skype for Business has upgraded to Teams! This does not affect Zoom in any way and if you've been using that platform you may continue to do so. If you would like to learn more about Teams please check out Digital Learning's Resource Hub.

Software Center

Programs Added:


IPEVO V4K Visualizer

Programs Removed:

Audacity (Security Risk)

Skype for Business (Replaced by Teams)

SSO Password Recovery

When you log into the SSO you will be prompted and required to add a password recovery option. This will act as a verification factor when resetting your password through the SSO. If you select to verify through email, make sure you use a secondary email that's not associated with your district account. This change will affect students as well.

Tech Status Page

We have changed our Tech Status page. You will now see that it has an ongoing operational status for each site which includes uptime and downtime. Our new status page provides more up-to-date information than in the past.

Two-Factor Authentication (Cisco DUO)

  • Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of security to any type of login, requiring extra information or a physical device to log in, in addition to your password. Cisco Duo will be your 2nd factor of authentication when logging into accounts associated with Classlink, Office, or Google. You will need to install the DUO app on your Smart Phone and link it to your Denton ISD account via QR code. This change will be effective August 10th, 2021 for staff only.
  • Duo is fully compatible with Classlink but not Google. Because of this, you may find that when you log into a Google service you will be redirected to our SSO for this feature to be utilized.
  • You can expect an email with more information about this change shortly.

Voicemail Change

  • Our Voicemail System has been upgraded. No action is required on your part but your current voicemail greeting has been deleted. You may go through the enrollment process to activate your new voicemail and set up your new greeting but it’s not required. You will NOT lose your old or missed voicemails.
  • You will be able to check your voicemail on either your Outlook or your physical phone. Outlook and your phone will sync voicemails so once listened to, there is no need to rid notifications on the other service. You will, however, need to start deleting voicemails from either your phone or through Outlook as your voicemail box now has a storage limit. If you find that your mailbox is full please contact the Service Desk at 1234.
  • Your Temporary Pin will be 1234 and your ID will be your 4 digit extension.