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Parenting Gifted Children by Christina Vercelletto


Ask your child open-ended questions, like “I love this picture....what does it make you think of?” Such questions help a child reflect on what he knows and tell him his opinion matters. Don't worry if he's too young to understand. Likewise, don't be afraid to use relatively sophisticated words, notes Brenneman. He may not understand them, but he will figure it out if the words are used multiple times in context. John Shotter, a dad in Seaford, NY, makes it a top priority to talk to his son, Jack, 2, through daily activities. “We talk tools! I show him how the T-square, drill, measuring tape and hammer work.” The results are pretty impressive, reports Jack's mom, Melissa. “He honestly knows the name of every tool, as well as materials like sheetrock, spackle, and drop cloth. He's also learning measuring, right and left from turning a screwdriver and colors from paint.”


Research has repeatedly shown that access to books and one-on-one reading time is a predictor of school success. “Reading stimulates the brain to make connections and builds background knowledge about the world,” says Kim Davenport, chief program officer at Jumpstart, a national early-literacy organization. “Reading is the foundation of all learning and will enable a child to absorb and apply content from all areas, including math and science.” Modeling good reading habits may give him an edge. “Seeing his parents reading for enjoyment will be contagious,” says Davenport. Invite your child to cozy up on the couch with you to read. Keep books out—in baskets, on shelves, and on coffee tables. And share what you're reading with your child, and ask him to do the same. This will not only spark conversation but build his vocabulary and comprehension.

Praise Results

Stick-to-itiveness is a quality that will endear your child to teachers—and employers. We as a culture are so busy making kids feel good that we've lost sight of the time it takes for them to actually become good, says Rhee. “My kids both play soccer, and both stink. But judging by the trophies and ribbons that line their room, you'd think I had the next Mia Hamms here,” she notes. It's hard to accept failure if you're constantly told you're the best. When these kids go to school and get a problem wrong, they think “It can't be me.” Giving the right props is key, says Stephanie Rosales, a licensed educational psychologist in La Quinta, CA: “Children who are praised for solving a problem tend to be more motivated in school than children who are told they're smart. The latter, ironically, often become frustrated when something doesn't come easily.” So instead of giving broad praise (“You're a star!”), give kudos for accomplishments (“I'm proud of how you found a different way to get the answer”). And if you're going to hold up a gold standard, make sure it's truly gold. Say “You're almost there. Keep trying.”

Celebrate Curiosity

Preschoolers glow with curiosity. But sometimes kids lose that as they get older, says Brenneman. Keep them excited by honing in on what interests them. If you ask questions about what they're playing with or talking about—“Yes, even if it's Pokémon, as it was with my son,” says Brenneman—you've initiated a give-and-take that will pay off in a smarter kid. Your child will ask questions and look for more good stuff to share in return. Take time to turn your kid on to what you're excited about: Check out a museum or watch an interesting show together, and tell your child what you like about it and why. Rich Braun, a dad of two in East Islip, NY, used to work weekends. So to be able to share his interests with his son, Erik, when he was in elementary school, he occasionally pulled him out of school to visit a museum. His teachers always agreed, since the next day he told the class what he had learned. “Erik felt like the expert for a day, which over the years boosted his confidence and eagerness to learn more,” says Braun.

Seize Teachable Moments

You can help your child sharpen school skills as you go about your day. Say you drive by a windmill. Instead of saying “Hey, a windmill!” ask a question: “What do you think they do?” Encouraging observation of details will help your child do the same in class, says Rosales. And a trip to the store can be a chance to build vocabulary, math skills and money smarts. Tell a 2-year-old the names of fruits as you bag them. Ask a 3-year-old to find four cans of peas. Have a 5-year-old write down which cereal she wants. Older kids can compare prices and sizes, and sort coupons. Sarah Brown, a preschool teacher in Hollywood, MD, had her 2-year-old students paint with apples, bananas and then skinny carrots. When her students advanced to the 4-year-old group, the teacher noticed that they had better prewriting skills than the new students.

Whether your child is advanced or average, the best thing you can do is be involved. Taking her on this journey of self-discovery is what'll drive her personal genius. In one word: What do you most want your kid to be? Happy? Funny? Confident? Loved? We're betting “Valedictorian” didn't pop to mind. Your goal is to help your child be the best he or she can be, right? If you've read this far, you're both well on your way.


Valentine's Slime!

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Supplies Needed:

  • Elmer’s Washable Glue
  • Liquid Starch
  • Water
  • Measuring Cups (1/2 cup)
  • Red food coloring
  • 2 bowls and a spoon for each slime!
  • Glitter and heart confetti

What Can You Build Out of a Deck of Cards?

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Supplies Needed:

Flat working surface

Deck of cards

Create Your Very Own Fairy Garden!

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Supplies Needed:

Items found in nature - twigs, leaves, rocks, vines

Craft items to create-popsicle sticks, paint, pots


What Can You Create Only Using Hearts?

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Supplies Needed




Construction Paper


Fantastic February Events!

Below are some upcoming events that may be fun for your family. Please note that these events are not associated with nor supported by Frisco ISD.

Castiglione: Lost Genius

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 10am

3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard

Fort Worth, TX

This event occurs Daily from 01/18/2016 to 02/14/2016

Event Time: 10:00:00 AM till 05:00:00 PM

Cost: Free

Location Name: Kimbell Art Museum

Location Address: 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107 Click for Google Map

Description: What makes one artist more famous than another? It's a question that continues to trouble artists and writers alike. What combination of talent and luck must one have to secure a foothold in the history books? This is one of the ideas prevalent in the exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum, Castiglione: Lost Genius. He was a painter, a printmaker and a draughtsman in Italy in the 17th century whose work is rarely exhibited. CLOSED MONDAYS.

Perot Museum: IMAX Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure in 3D!

Monday, Feb. 1st, 10am

2201 North Field Street

Dallas, TX

This event occurs Daily from 01/04/2016 to 05/26/2016

Cost: $8

Location Name: The Hoglund Foundation Theater @ Perot Museum

Location Address: 2201 N. Field Street Dallas, Texas 75201-1704

Description: When strange bones are discovered in a muddy Kansas river bank, paleontologists set out to investigate a mystery buried in time. Through ultra-realistic 3D computer animation we travel back to the Late Cretaceous, when the sea was dominated by giant marine reptiles, some as large as present-day whales. SEA MONSTERS: A Prehistoric Adventure follows a female Dolichorhynchops and her offspring through adventures that illustrate life in the sea during the Age of Dinosaurs. Live-action recreations of actual paleontological digs are intercut throughout, revealing the scientific basis for each animated episode.

Perot Museum: IMAX Tiny Giants in 3D!

Monday, Feb. 1st, 10am

2201 North Field Street

Dallas, TX

This event occurs Daily from 01/15/2016 to 04/23/2016

Cost: $8

Location Name: The Hoglund Foundation Theater @ Perot Museum

Location Address: 2201 N. Field Street Dallas, Texas 75201-1704

Description: In an adventure of giant proportions, Tiny Giants 3D reveals the astonishing lives of the smallest animals. Using the incredibly immersive power of specialist 3D cameras, audiences are transported in a very intimate way into another world to experience the titanic battles these creatures face to survive. A chipmunk in a wild wood is forced to grow up fast when he finds himself alone for the first time. Only by using his ingenious superpowers can our heroe not only stay alive, but also become a master of his universe.

Star Parties at Rafes Urban Astronomy

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 6:30pm

2350 Tom Cole Road

Ponder, TX

This event occurs the First Saturday of each Month from 10/02/2010 to 00/00/0000

Cost: $5/person

Location Name: Rafes Urban Astronomy

Location Address: 2350 Tom Cole Road, Denton, TX Click for Google Map

Description: At Star Parties, you can learn about the night sky from our knowledgeable staff and students and enjoy an opportunity to see objects in space through our telescopes! Star Parties begin 30 minutes after sundown. (Weather permitting)

Zoom Into Nano

Monday, Feb. 1st, 10am

8004 Dallas Parkway

Frisco, TX

This event occurs Daily from 01/16/2016 to 05/09/2016

Cost: $8 for admission

Ages: All ages

Location Name: Sci-Tech Discovery Center

Location Address: 8004 N Dallas Pkwy Frisco TX 75034 Click for Google Map

Description: Sci-Tech Discovery Center invites you to the opening of our newest exhibit, Zoom into Nano! Advances in nanotechnology are likely to change the way we design and fabricate almost everything – from faster computers, to stain repellent clothes, to new medicines. Zoom into tiny structures and devices to see the amazing beauty of natural. Immerse yourself in models of atoms and molecules that are enlarged to 100 million times their actual size.

Chinese New Year Festival at the Crow Museum

Saturday, Feb. 13th, 11am

2010 Flora Street

Dallas, TX

Date of event: 02/13/2016

Event Time: 11:00:00 AM till 07:30:00 PM

Cost: Free

Ages: All Ages

Location Name: Crow Collection of Asian Art

Location Address: 2010 Flora Street Dallas, Texas 75201 Click for Google Map

Description: Say goodbye to the Year of the Ram and celebrate the Year of the Monkey at the Crow Collection’s signature Chinese New Year Festival. Highlights include must-see performances every hour, traditional Chinese New Year art making activities, calligraphy demonstrations, face painting, fortune telling, and much more. Come early to enjoy the food trucks and lion dances, and stay late for our grand finale fireworks display in the heart of the Dallas Arts District.

Naturalist-Led Nature Hike!

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 10am

9601 Fossil Ridge Road

Fort Worth, TX

This event occurs each Week on Saturday

Event Time: 10:00:00 AM till 12:00:00 PM

Cost: $5/Adults; $2/Children 3-12 yrs; under 3 yrs - Free

Location Name: Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Location Address: 9601 Fossil Ridge Rd. Fort Worth, Texas 76135 Click for Google Map

Description: Join a naturalist for a leisurely hike on the trails of the FWNC&R. Hikes feature current natural history events such as blooming wildflowers, commonly seen insects, birds, other animals and current projects on the Refuge. Bring water and dress for the weather. Free with paid admission


Saturday, Feb. 13th, 8am

8000 McKinney Road

Frisco, TX

Date of event: 02/13/2016

Event Time: 08:00:00 AM till 11:00:00 AM

Cost: FREE

Ages: kids up to age 16

Location Name: Frisco Commons Park

Location Address: 8000 McKinney Rd Frisco, TX Click for Google Map

Description: The City of Frisco Parks & Recreation Department hosts annual Trick-A-Trout Kid. 3,000 Rainbow Trout are released in the Commons pond which is located north of the main pavilion. The Trick-A-Trout Kid Fish is a great opportunity for first time anglers to come out and try the sport of fishing. Since only kids up through age 16 will be allowed to fish for the first three hours, they will have a chance to really hone their fishing skills. The average size of the fish will be eight to ten inches and the daily bag limit is five per child. Please bring your own fishing gear and bait. There will be no concessions at the park, so bring your own drinks and snacks. Everyone is encouraged to keep what they catch since trout cannot survive when water temperatures rise in the spring. This event is rain or shine so everyone is encouraged to be prepared for the weather.

Coast to Coast in 48 Hours!

Monday, Feb. 1st, 10am to Saturday, May 7th, 5pm

4601 Highway 360

Fort Worth, TX

This event occurs Daily from 10/31/2015 to 05/07/2016

Cost: Museum Admission: $7/Adults; $4/Seniors and Children ages 2-18 yrs; under 2- free

Ages: All Ages

Location Name: American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum

Location Address: 4601 Texas Highway 360 at FAA Road, Ft. Worth TX Click for Google Map

Description: In 1929 Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart helped launch a new era in trans-continental travel. Come aboard as we launch Coast to Coast in 48 hours.